Schrein von Amana

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NPCs in the area


Felicia the Brave
  • Summonable NPC.
  • Located in the second hut.




The first bonfire will be straight ahead. Through the door to your left is a trail leading to some goodies. Be sure to knock the corpse down, preferably with a ranged attack as the branches will collapse under you. To your left is a staircase leading down.

Right after you leave the tower with the bonfire, you will see an Archdrake Priest who will attack you on sight. Lizard men are hiding in the water along the rocky trail for the rest of the area and are being kept calm by the beautiful song you've probably noticed by now. You can see the tops of their heads and often a telltale sparkle effect over their locations (maybe only while the singers are calming them?) You can also lock onto them from a distance before they aggro. They might become a good way of farming Human Effigy, since they have a decent drop rate.

Once you get in close to the hut, the song will stop and any remaining lizard men will attack you. Inside the hut you will find first Milfanito. She will tell you about her sisters, some lore and probably give you a Smooth & Silky Stone if you exhaust her dialog. Exit the hut and go around it, you will find a chest.

Do not kill any Milfanito! Otherwise, they won't be able to help you become human when you're out of Human Effigy!

There will be three Archdrake Priests at the far end of the cavern, and the occasional scattered path that you can use your torch to find. Be aware that the lizard men aggro on you easier if you carry a lit torch, though. To the left of the entrance to the tunnel, hiding behind some rocks and a lizard man, there is a chest partially submerged in water containing a Dragon Charm. Inside the tunnel is a side-cave on the left, it has a four lizard men and a chest. The lone gas bug here (NG+? I didn't see one --- I did; it's in the normal tunnel, just after the side-cave; but really JUST after, about a metre or so. -- Yuuji) is an easy kill.

Upon exiting the tunnel, ahead is the crumbling ruins to your right with a second bonfire in it, but don't head there immediately. Way down the path is a new enemy type, the Archdrake Priestess, that will shoot homing soul arrows at you from a long distance which deal a lot of magic damage. They also usually have lizard men somewhere around them, so be extremely careful. It's a good idea is to try and take them out with ranged attacks.

After clearing the first and possibly second Priestess, head back to where you saw the crumbling ruins and kill the lizard man hiding in front of their entrance before igniting the bonfire inside.

Near the area with the first Archdrake Priestess, you should notice a ramp leading into the air. Jump onto it from the area that the first priestess was, and look down to the left, near the wall. In the water, you should be able to clearly see a Pharros Lock. Head down and use a Pharro's Keystone to reveal a chest containing the Helix Halberd.

Note! There is a hidden pathway in the water right near the place where your third priestess is standing. Look to the left and tilt your camera down to see it easily. Use it to get the cave where Soul of the King and King's Set is. Location is in this video. This door can only be opened once you have killed the optional boss King Vendrick in the Undead Crypt, and you must be in human form

Follow the path untill you reach the second hut and an Ogre near it, with a bunch of priestesses. Kill priestesses, lizard men and go through the hut to lose him or fight him. You can also go around and flank him from the ruins. Inside the hut there is a summon sign for Felicia the Brave. Use it if you are human as she will help you a lot (really!) in the fight that you are about to face.
Note! There is a somewhat hidden and dangerous pathway in the water after the Ogre, on his right, with 2 Priestesses and some Lizard Man. The pathway is under the columns, its very narrow so watch your step. An Estus Flask Shard and the Miracle Sunlight-Blade (in the Chest behind the Corpse) is waiting there.
(edit: Try using a torch when walking down these hidden paths. You will be able to see the ground underneath the water much easier! edit2: Beware as the torch will also aggro surrounding lizard men.)
Once you leave the hut, there will be an Archdrake priest right outside the hut, it is easier to lure him in than fight him in the open. Before moving to the left, carefully check the right side. There is a hard-to-see chest which contains Fire Tempest. You will not see any messages, as the will be submerged, but sometimes, a prompt will appear on the screen. This lets you know you're getting close. After that you will find yourself near the ruins. Come close to them but don't go any further as there are two priestesses on the other end who will start sniping you with Soul Arrows. Use cover and try to shoot them down. Be aware of lizard men and Archdrake Priests that might come to melee you as well (this is where Felicia helps a lot). This part might be a little tricky since they always snipe you from a long distance, so use cover.
Head back to the left side of the area to find an spot covered by branches. Hack the branches down and kill the Ogre to find a Life Ring +2 and a Singer's Dress. Up the sloping columns to the left of the fog gate is a skeleton with 3 x Alluring Skull. To the right of the fog gate is a very thin ledge with a corpse holding a Soul of a Hero and a Divine Blessing.
Once you have cleared the area, go inside the cavern with gas bugs and use the bonfire to rest. Once you exit the cavern, you will see two priestesses that will start shooting you. Run forward towards the column that has a torch on it and snipe them from behind it. Moving to the right, continuing behind the columns, you will come across a corpse holding Homing Crystal Soulmass. In addition, if you move to the inside of the columns, you will be invaded by Peculiar Kindular. Moving to your left, kill lizard men and another priestess. Continue forward to another hut and free the second Milfanito. Continue down to face the Demon of Song boss.

Boss: Demon of Song

After the boss fight, off to the right when you face the undead crypt door, is a semi-hidden path to a tower with another bonfire, and next to the bonfire entrance is also a chest with 20 Magic Arrows. At the top of the stairs above the bonfire is a door that can only be opened when you are undead & Saved All Melfinitos, so if you are human suicide once (or go Shaded Ruins and get a curse if you don't want to risk your souls) to open it or come back here later. Behind the door are some undead worshippers and a dark magician. Beyond them is the shrine with the Milfanito you saved earlier. Talk to the lady to get rewards, and when you run out of Human Effigies you can revive here using the burning altar as long as you are on good terms.
Down the stairs by the altar you will find a Fire Seed in a cave at the bottom, and outside right next to the staircase is a chest with the Manslayer katana and on the opposite side of the stairs, is a ledge that leads to a chest , containing a bonfire ascetic. Careful though, because the ledge is really thin.
Now , go back to the previous bonfire, then lead your way back to the big door ahead. There's an elevator that will get you to Undead Crypt.


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