Gruft der Untoten

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NPCs in the area

  • Grave Warden Agdayne - be sure not to light a torch upon entering the crypt, this will cause him to become hostile. (There is a torch-wielding hollow at the beginning who won't attack and will just follow you around, happily lighting the way. He needs to be killed before getting to Agdayne. They killed the torch hollow and still became hostile with me.)
  • Nameless Usurper - NPC invader.




Velstadt, The Royal Aegis


Soul Farming Tip-
  • Location of an excellent soul farming spot. Once in the throne room passageway, avoid killing the Hollow under the stairs and simply kill the respawning Pyromancer Spirits
  • Another good spot is right after the Undead Ditch Bonfire, the area with all the gravestones, standing in close proximity to the larger gravestones that have some detail to them will cause a spirit to pop, be careful as they hit quite hard. They seemingly spawn without end (and without having to rest at a bonfire) as long as their gravestones are not destroyed. A zombie will also spawn with the spirit. With the right soul boosting gear this can work out fairly well.

1) Walking into a room with a staircase, left of stairs is the Undead Crypt Entrance bonfire, right of the stairs is a corpse with Radiant Lifegem x1. Going up the stairs leads to a room with a torch zombie and beyond another room with zombies and 3 Leydia witches who cast hexes. Going through the room to left, you are told to halt and not produce light by Grave Warden Agdayne who stands on top above a walkway. Guards line the approach to him but do not attack unprovoked. Having a torch lit here makes him hostile. There is a corpse near him with a Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier. Speaking with Agdayne gives you revealing story dialogue and he is also a Merchant who sells some useful wares. (NOTE: If you return to Agdayne after obtaining the King's Ring, 'Talk' to him and he will give you the Darkdrift katana and the Agdayne's armour set.)

2) Through doorway and up stairs to the right are 2 Imperious Knights, then a mist. If you drop down near this doorway there is a short hallway here with 2 imprisoned hollows and you can also loot Simpleton's Spice x1 and a Soul of a Great Hero. Through the short hallway you come to a ladder leading up where you encounter a zombie and an iron chest with Crushed Eye Orb x1 and Fire Seed x1. Drop down to get back to walkway and go through the mist. Also dropping down to the left of the mist door leads to a Soul Vessel and simply go up a ladder to enter the bonfire past the mist door. In this area, where you first drop down, before you reach the Soul Vessel, there is a small statue of a woman that if you light with your torch will illuminate the area greatly.

3) Approaching the statue on right spawns floating spectre and several zombies are also present in this room. Destroy statue to stop the spectres from spawning. Nearby around the corner is a room with the Undead Ditch bonfire. A corpse with a Titanite Chunk x1 and Petrified Dragon Bone in corner behind and a ladder nearby leads up to a walkway where a Leydia Witch stands in front of a chest. The chest contains Dried Fingers Bonfire Ascetic x1 and Twinkling Titanite x1. You can drop down from here into the room in section 4 or go back down the ladder to the prior room, to left loot Simpleton's Spice x1 and Black Firebombs x2 and proceed to the right to go into the room in Section 4.

4) Entering into the next room, destroy statue that summons the spectres and be wary of zombies who spawn. In the room is a corpse with a Soul of Lost Undead and around the corner you will find a Bracing Knuckle Ring +2

5) Moving into the next open room triggers the Nameless Usurper invasion. The black phantom is fast and wields a dagger, also be wary of ghosts which protrude from the walls and swing swords at you when you come near. Upon clearing the room, loot the corpse with Divine Blessing x1 and Soul of Nameless Hero. There is an illusory wall to right with 2 more of these wall ghosts, including one who guards the iron chest in the room. Kill the ghosts and loot the chest which contains Avelyn and Heavy Bolt x15.

6) Go down the candlelit hallway and beware 3 wall ghosts. Beyond them 2 knights who dual wield greatshields form a blockade. Defeat them (They drop Orma's & Reeve's Greatsheilds) and drop down into the hole behind them.

7) The next room is tricky. With the corridor you came from in your back, straight ahead (at 12 'o clock) is an illusory wall, but before triggering it, let's make the room as safe as can be. There's various bells and statues in the room, and zombies will spawn trying to ring the bells. At 1 'o clock, you see a doorway, and before the doorway, a bell and a spectre-spawning-statue. Destroy the statue, but be careful not to hit the bell. At 4 'o clock there's another doorway, and before that one there's another statue, destroy it. In the hallway at 4 'o clock is another statue. At 7 'o clock there's another doorway, and, a little to the right of it, there's another statue that needs destroying. Finally, at 11 'o clock, there's the last statue.

Triggering the above-mentioned illusory wall gives access to a Pharros contraption. Activating this reveals an opening at 6 'o clock, leading to a chest containing Great Lightning Spear and Olendford's Staff. In the room, there's a couple of corpes with loot, and one of the doorways contains some loot (please check what loot, I already looted them and can't remember what they gave). The doorway at 11 'o clock leads back to the halls you were in earlier, but further down. On the left is a lever, which will open a shortcut back to the last bonfire.
There's a chest further down, containing a magic stone and a darknight stone. Enter the next room.

8) Beneath stairs is a hallway with a zombie and a bell (Soul Farm Option: If you leave this Zombie alive it will help for soul farming after killing the boss.kill him now but when you return do not (Explained at the very bottum). This bell summons spectres which line the pillars making the approach to the mist more difficult). If the bell is rung, the spectres can be picked off with a bow from afar. Past them are 7 (yes 7) Royal Knights. Defeat them and, if you are human, check on the left side, a little bit before the fog gate for Grave Warden Agdayne summon sign. Step through the mist to face Velstadt, The Royal Aegis

Boss Tips: This was one of the easiest bosses I ran into next to the Demon of song and like the Demon of Song you can take off relatively good damage while it is consentrating on fighting the Summoned help. If you have any boss weapons they are of great help . Slot 2 in the right hand weapon, make sure they are in good shape and have a good alternate attack (R2 button). The Smeltor Sword (Smelter Deamon), Thorned Greatsword (Looking Glass Knight, my personal favorite too) or even the Moonlight Greatsword (bought from Ornifex) take off huge chunks of HP. The last slot should be reserved for a bow, your chooice, at best you are going to take off 185, but average around 80-100 hp.
When you traverse the mist hide behind a column because his opening move could be a hex that hurls multiple Dark orbs, (Dark Hail?) usually he will lock onto the summoned help after this. If you do not havea some one helping in the fight staying between the collumn and him helps when he is on the offensive,. His moves are fairly easy to read and his club swings leave him very open. So you can also try using rapid rapier thrusts but the slower boss weapons do lots of damage when leveled up a small amount.. I stripped off some armor to use either Orma's or Reeves Greatshield. They are dropped by the 2 armour clad knights that guard the hole you drop into where you first encounter the zombies that ring bells to re-summo Leydia Witches & Apostles.But anything that has high dark and physical defense will work.

Soul Farming Tips: After you kill Velstadt come back to this room with a good number of long range spells or arrows. Arrows work better for this purpose it is easier to aim, Do not kill the zombie that rings the bell in the previous area. Now run past all the apostites and knights. The only ones that might follow you into the boss room is the knights, but they do not respawn..You can stand in the boss room and pick off the respawning Leydia Apostle's for 750 souls. you can kill them with good arrows in 2-4 shots, they also drop pretty good items. If they stop respawning you can burn a bonfire asthetic but they will be harder to kill. But drop better stuff too.
Note: If you're having a lot of PVP or you are using small white sign soapstone to farm Smooth and Silky or souls here, exercise caution in this room since invaders will use the bell to summon spectres and make an easy kill out of you while you're in the middle of the enemy horde/spell storm.

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