Thron des Verlangens

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Schloss von Drangleic
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NPCs in the area

  1. Vengarl (summon for boss)
  2. Benhart of Jugo (summon for boss, read his article for how to finish his questline here if you havent)



In order to reach this place, travel to Drangleic Castle's "King's gate" bonfire. Leave the bonfire room and turn left, equip the King's Ring and the door will open. Go inside and follow the road. After entering the fog gate the first boss fight will start. If you have the Giant's Kinship, the second bossfight begins as soon as the first finishes. If you haven't got the Giant's Kinship yet, you'll have to return once you do to fight Nashandra and finish the game. There is nothing of interest in the Throne of Want besides the two bosses.


  • If the player enters the Throne of Want before the Giant Lord is defeated only the Throne Watcher and Throne Defender boss is encountered here. This can be utilized to avoid back to back boss fights as the player is free to leave after. If you've reached the Throne of want after killing the Giant Lord, don't panic. Anyone you summoned for the first fight will stay for the second. You have to know that the game does not end here. Once you finish with Nashandra and after the video and ending credits, you will be teleported back to Majula, so that you can buy the new sets and weapons now available, and get ready to NG+ if you wish. Every bonfire you lit will still be available.
  • .despite the giants moved to become a path in the ending cutscene, after the cutscene, the giants didn't actually move and remained where they are.
  • unlike the prequals, you cannot choose the ending (needs confirmation)


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