During E3 it was revealed that certain changes were made to classes. Rather than choosing a developer curated starting class, the game will instead analyze your stat allocation and later suggest a class based on your trajectory.

Here is a screenshot taken from Network Version of Dark Souls 2. In this version of the game there was 6 classes. In the final game class won't be gender restricted. It is also highly unlikely that their starting gear will be the same.


Sorcerer Starter


In a E3 demo one of the classes that was chosen was a sorcerer. They were able to confirm that there are different spells available now. These include a fireball spell and a energy/soul sword. I found a picture of the first. The sword seems to run off the catalyst and isn't like the Magic Weapon spells from Dark Souls. Seems the cloak and catalyst in the picture below is the starting equipment. Sorcerers currently start with the spells Soul Shower, Soul Greatsword, Soul Arrow, and Flame Lash. It would also appear that the Sorcerer starts with a dagger and bell shield.
Warrior Starter
Warrior Starter


This class contains the iconic armor that we have been shown. Was also able to confirm that the two slots left of the estus flask location are for different arrow/bolt types. The warrior seems to be based off of the Undead Knight from the trailers. This class carries a Greatsword, Bearded Axe, Longsword, and a shield that blocks 100% physical damage.
Temple Knight

Temple Knight (Cleric)

Starts with a royal-like robe and eagle helm, miracles, may start with halberd but unknown. The Temple Knight seems to start with a Halberd and the ability to cast miracles. Such miracles would be War and Heal.
dual swordsman.jpg
Dual Swordsman

Dual Swordsman

Seems to start with a black hood w/ a sort of dark/tattered trench coat that is form fitting on the torso. While dual wielding, the traditional mechanic of two handing your primary weapon is replaced by a new power stance mechanic. The Dual Swordsman starts with what appears to be a rapier in their off-hand due to its ability to slash while having a longsword in their main hand. As well this class has a target shield for parrying.


This class seems to start with simple leather armor heavily similar to the set seen in Dark Souls with the only difference being a hat which appears to be the Pharis Hat. They start with a dagger, shortsword, leather shield, and bow.


The Soldier is another class which seems to be replacing the Knight class from Dark Souls, it comes with plate armor that looks exactly like the Knight Set from Dark Souls. This class comes with a spear, shortsword, and kite shield.

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