Wald der gefallenen Riesen

In der Mitte dieses Waldes liegt eine heruntergekommene Festung. Diese Festung wurde einst im Krieg gegen die Riesen schwer beschädigt. Die Soldaten die sie einst verteidigten sind längst zu Hüllen geworden und durchstreifen die Ruinen und sind eine Gefahr für jeden der es wagen sollte sie zu betreten.

Doch war diese Festung nicht immer eine Ruine. Einst hielt sie die Riesen davon ab in das Land hinein zu dringen und dieses zu verwüsten.
Dem König der riesen gelang es zwar das gestohlene wieder zu beschaffen, doch nicht für lange...
Ein Legendäres wesen hinderte ihn, entriss ihn die Beute und schlug die Riesen zurück.
Das Land war gerettet!
Oder nahm doch nur ein weit schlimmeres Schicksal seinen lauf?

Verfasser: Joe Doe.

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NPCs in the area

Merchant Hag Melentia
  1. Sells Key to the Blacksmith house in Majula (1,000 souls).
  2. Sells a Pharros' Lockstone, one of two that can be used to get theChloranthy Ring at this point in the game. (4,000 souls)

Cale the Cartographer
  1. Gives key to mansion in Majula.

Mild Mannered Pate
  1. Warns you of trap in short area full of Hollow Soldiers, gives White Sign Soapstone upon your escape.
  2. Summon for The Last Giant boss fight.



  • The Pursuer - on the platform just outside the explosive secret door near the bonfire (an eagle drops him off) can be killed now to get his soul and the Ring of Blades. This counts as The Pursuer boss fight therefore he won't appear in his boss arena later.
  • Hollow Soldier
  • Hollow Infantry
  • Turtle Knight
  • Boss: The Last Giant
  • Boss: The Pursuer


Accessing From Majula

See Majula walkthrough to the start of Forest of Fallen Giants.

Stream, Bonfire, and Bridge

Upon your arrival, two Hollows wander immediately ahead with an additional two beyond, around the bend of the creek. To the right, across the stream at the base of a tree is a with a Lifegem x1. Just ahead of the tree, up a short path is a clearing in which you'll find The Crestfallen's Retreat bonfire. Moving ahead across a plank bridge there is a Archer and 2 more Hollows. Dropping down and the stream below the plank bridge brings you to a corpse with a Soul of a Lost Undead x1. Across the planks and up the hill brings you to a ladder.

Mossy Rotunda

Going up the ladder leads into an open area with several Hollows and an Archer above. At the base of a tree straight ahead is a Heide Knight, who will not aggro unless attacked. There are two corpses on the ground where there is a Human Effigy x1 and a Lifegem x1. Near the Heide Knight is a corpse with a Broken Straight Sword. Killing the Heide Knight drops the Heide Knight Sword.

To the right is an opening to a cliff, and to the left a ladder up a moss covered tower. There are two Hollows on the stairs up. Cross the the planks at the top of the tower and go up to the right to a corpse with a Soul of a Nameless Soldier x1. Dropping down to the ledge below, leads to the Archer and a Hollow. Jumping across the gap to the ledge brings you to a corpse with a Shortsword and Soul of a Lost Undead x1. Back at the base of the ladder that lead up, to the right you can spot a platform with items on it. Jumping over to it nets you Throwing Knives.

Hallways to Cardinal Tower Bonfire

To the left of the clearing with the Heide Knight is a mist, which leads through a wooded tunnel and into ruins. Going straight into the broken wall, drops into a room with 2 hollow soldiers. Going left is a hallway where a hollow solider waits around the corner. To the right is the doorway to the aforementioned room with the two soldiers. Continuing down the hallway, there is a hollow soldier and stairs beyond with a hollow archer at the top who fires down at you. As you ascend another hollow soldier from a ledge throws Firebombs at you. A third hollow soldier moves to ambush you as you reach the top of the stairs. A hollow infantry hides by rubble, and near him is a corpse with a Buckler.

Along the wall to the left of the staircase is a ladder. At the top, straight ahead is a corpse with Witching Urn x5 and a hollow soldier (around the corner to the right) with a halberd who rises when you get near. Back behind you is a doorway which opens to a room with the Cardinal Tower bonfire; and, nearby, you meet the Merchant Hag Melentia. After speaking with her and getting some back-story, she will move to Majula. Grab a Firebomb or 2 for later.

Going up the stairs in the room leads to a locked door. Once you obtain the Soldier Key (or break the door down), it opens to a room with a chest that contains a Small Leather Shield and Repair Powder x1. In the same room, hidden by a cart and several barrels is a corpse with a Hand Axe and Radiant Lifegem x1. Opening the door leads to another room with an iron chest holding an Estus Flask Shard x1 and a Small White Sign Soapstone. A hollow soldier will stand up behind you once you go through the door. You can drop down here back to the bonfire carefully and get the Divine Blessing on the tree branch, or retrace your steps back to the bonfire.

Scaffolding and Fire Salamander Cave

Outside of the bonfire room you can drop down to wooden planks where there are two hollow soldiers. Proceeding down the plank, there is a hole in the wall on the left which leads you back to the staircase and bonfire from the previous section. Jumping to the plank ledge brings you to a corpse with a Human Effigy x1. Drop down to the wooden platform and kill the hollow. Go down the ramp and walk carefully down the tree trunk, where you come across a corpse with a Soul of a Lost Undead x1 and Torch x1. On the ground, several hollow infantry patrol. To the left, a cave opens to a tunnel lined with petrified people. Flames tinge the air and you can hear explosions. Progressing down the tunnel a fire breathing Salamander who fires explosive molten balls. A corpse on the floor carries a Soul of a Proud Knight, and behind you 2 hollow infantry ambush you. Deeper into the tunnel, a grated door is on the left, and timing the explosions allows you to the door, where there is a chest with a Fire Longsword. You can also kill the Salamander which take time and maybe isn't worth it, By killing it you can leap inside the hole (It could be a bug/glitch, because it will take some tries to be able to jump into it, which can happen by trying to jump from the left side of the hole). Inside the hole there are 3 more Salamanders, a closed door, many corpses to loot, and a chest. (There is another way to reach the treasures, detailed in Fire Salamander Pit). Going back out the tunnel and into the clearing, there is a ladder near the corpse that had the human effigy. Taking the ladder up brings you back to the plank near the hole in the wall mentioned earlier in this section.

Cardinal Tower Bonfire Ladder

In the bonfire room is a ladder down into a large room with columns. There are two hollow soldiers here waiting to attack, one sits feigning death and one comes from the bridge. Down at the bottom of the room, giant Fire Salamanders are visible (see Fire Salamander Pit). Facing the bottom of the ladder, to your right is a closed door that does not open from that side (later on, this will be opened from the other side creating a shortcut). Going across the bridge leads to a feigning Hollow Soldier, and another locked door on the right. Back across the bridge, jog right through an open archway which leads to a room with a locked door on the right and mist straight ahead. Another hollow soldier is laying on the ground behind the large pillar, faking death.

Fire Salamander Pit

Note: this area is relatively high-level compared to the rest of Forest of Fallen Giants; probably one to come back to later.
If you decide to jump in the Salamander Pit, use the Silver Cat Ring and try to drop down onto the junk at the end of the left side. The Salamanders are quite durable and cause a lot of damage with attacks. A high fire defense is recommended, however they have a lunge attack which is unblockable and will knock you down. This is in addition to breathing fire. There are a total of four salamanders below, one of which is readily visible and can be taken out with a bow and patience. If you switch the elevator to the Last Giant fight so the side closer to the pit is up, it can be used as a sniper spot for a second salamander who can only be seen from certain angles (that's one of them). An archer Hollow Soldier will raise with this side of the elevator so watch out. After the second Salamander is killed, a small tunnel leads down that he was blocking. Another one is to the right in a large chamber and the last is to the left in a smaller (but still big) side chamber. A locked door (opened using Iron Key) leads to the Last Giant fight (tunnel right before it). The two salamanders in the pit can be taken out with a bow by drawing them up partially and taking a few shots. They will retreat at some point and this will need to be repeated. Avoid the flames near the salamanders, as they can burn your character, but only if you get very close. In the first section you can find a corpse with a Firedrake Stone, a skull holding a Soul of a Proud Knight, a skeleton with the Hawk Ring (which seems to be mostly useless) and a chest carrying a Flame Quartz Ring +1. In the lower area, a corpse holds Cracked Red Eye Orb x2. In the area with the last Salamander (who tend to drop Cracked Red Eye Orbs as well) there is a skeleton carrying the Rebel's Greatshield.

Early access in the fire salamander pit (enter at you own discretion and you'll need the silver cat ring or high HP)

Rooftops, Cale, and First Shortcut

Going through the mist leads to an area with rooftops, scaffolding, and a large tree branch directly ahead which leads up. As soon as you enter the area, Hollow Infantry x2 will converge (slowly) on you from the right, and a sniper on a wall far to the right will start shooting -- he will continue to pick at you through this entire section. Running up the tree-root brings you to the top of a wall where two hollow soldiers stand near wooden breastworks. Get them out of the way. Then, back near the top of the tree-root, you can drop down to a peaked rooftop (the drop will take some health). When you drop down, you'll want to keep moving, but note that just behind you here is another drop to a round room with a Hollow Infantry and a corpse with a Torch x1. Return for that later. There are Hollow Infantry x2, on the rooftops, plus another Archer to your left. Keep moving, work quickly, and take care not to fall :) Once you've killed all the infantry, head back to where you dropped down from the root. Dash and jump across a small gap to deal with the archer. Then, drop down to another landing with a ladder in front of you, and a cave to your left. Enter the cave slowly and carefully; as you move forward you'll eventually trigger a boulder trap. After the boulder passes, there's a corpse straight ahead with a Human Effigy x1. Do not go right down around the corner and fall in the hole and die. Continue up the ramp where the boulder came down, dispatch another Hollow Infantry, and you'll find Cale the Cartographer crawling around. Exhaust his dialog, and he will give you the key to the mansion in Majula. To the left past Cale, at the end of the tunnel is a corpse with an Amber Herb x1.

Retrace your steps back to the ladder at the entrance to the boulder-trap cave. Climb the ladder and run down the battlements to your right, finally dealing with the annoying Hollow Infantry Archer. Continue down the battlements and drop to your right onto the rooftop, then head back right again up the ramp and towards the "first" rooftop. Drop down to the middle tier of the house, and follow a ramp down the ground; a Hollow Archer to your right may start sniping you. Head straight along the water to a corpse next to a gate with a Titanite Shard x1.
To get back to the main tree-root from the ground at the gate:
  • From the gate, head straight back along the water and right to the plank ramp you (probably) came down
  • About four strides up, turn a hard left onto a short set of planks which drop you back to the ground below the big tree root
  • Go under the tree root, following the water around to your left to a ladder. There may be a Hollow Infantry hiding here.
  • Climb the ladder to the roof and turn right to a plank bridge which takes you back to the tree root.

Go back up to the top of the tree root where you killed the hollows earlier. Past them a hollow soldier stands on the wall to the right, throwing firebombs. Nearby, a ladder on the right brings you up to a rooftop platform and triggers an in-appearance of an eagle who drops the Pursuer mini-boss. Probably a good idea to run away here, level-up and face him later. If you defeat him here, he will not appear for the later boss fight, but if you drop off the platform or die, he will disappear from this current location for good. In the far corner of the platform where the eagle drops the Pursuer is a fire-bombing Hollow Soldier. Back down the short ladder, at the end of the way, past all of the breastworks are a bunch of explosive barrels stacked by the wall. Throw a firebomb (from a distance; purchasable from Merchant Hag Malentia) to set off a huge explosion which opens a shortcut back to the Cardinal Tower bonfire.

Ballistae Room, Pharros' Lock, and Pate

Coming out of the new shortcut bomb-hole, two Hollow Soldiers await to your left, and straight past is a ladder which leads down to a short stone staircase. In the corner by the stairs is a corpse with Green Blossom x1.
Moving forward, to the right is a knocked in wall which opens to a room with ballistas that fire arrows when triggered by proximity to the room. Inside the room you are swarmed by several hollow soldiers so it is best to trigger the trap and walk out, letting the arrows kill one of the enemies.(If this doesn't work run in and go to the left before they fire and take them out before they swarm you {they're are 4 enemies total}) The ballistas can be operated by the player which should lead to some fun PvP moments. There are two corpses on the ground with Great Soul Arrow and a Large Soul of a Lost Undead. Inside this room, in the back, there is a ladder. Opening the chest in the lower room triggers a trap (either poison or arrows it is best to roll to the left or right and slightly behind the chest as this will avoid arrows and most of the poison), inside the chest is a Titanite Shard. If you have a Pharro's Lockstone and insert it into the mouth in the wall (if not you can buy it from merchant hag Melentia.) A nearby wall will shine, indicating you should attack it. Upon attack, it will reveal a hidden room with two chests containing the Cloranthy Ring and a Titanite Slab. Attacking the Closed door down here will cause three enemies inside to open the door, inside you can find a chest containing the Life Ring and a Large Titanite Shard.

Beyond that room along the same wall, you encounter the NPC Pate who warns you about a trap. Walking through the adjacent archway leads to two Hollow Infantry who swarm you and one who attacks from range. The gate in the archway is lowered (trigger?), preventing you from returning back through. Several Hollow Infantry and soldiers attack here. Walking straight on through the open doorway brings you into a hallway, in the corner of which is a corpse with Aromatic Ooze x3. On the Wall past this item there is a hidden wall that contains a Sorcerer's Staff and Amber Herbs x2 . Continue down the hallway and left to the bottom of a staircase with three hollow soldiers.

Another two soldiers are up the stairs further. Once up the stairs, a single hollow stands in front of the open doorway. Past the cart which blocks the path, going left takes you to the top of the wall above Pate and the gate that dropped behind you after crossing into the courtyard. You can drop down either side from here. Returning to Pate continues his dialogue tree and earns you White Sign Soapstone.

Old Ironclad and Fire-bombers

Going directly opposite of the ballista room brings you to a courtyard with an armored Old Ironclad dead ahead, two firebomb throwers up and left, [and a feigning Hollow Soldier behind a wagon on the left??]. If you are too weak to fight the Ironclad directly, once you aggro him, run back to the ballista room with it following you and use a ballista to shoot him does massive damage: 2 is enough to kill it. In the same courtyard as the Ironclad is an open doorway to the right. Going through brings you to another courtyard with a hollow soldier slumped along the wall to the left; he reanimates and attacks. Continuing through another archway into yet another courtyard, you'll find a large tree is on the right. Behind that tree is a corpse with a Large Soul of a Lost Undead x1. Returning back through the doorway, there is a ladder up the wall to your left. Going up the ladder brings you to the top of the wall above Pate and near trigger-gate. Going to the right leads to a corpse with a Light Crossbow. Through the doorway past the corpse and into the fort leads inside another section of the fort. Inside drop down to the room and defeat the three hollow soldiers. Open the iron chest to obtain Mail Breaker x1 and Infantry Helm x1. If you go back to the ledge above the three hollows, you can jump across to loot a corpse with a Torch x1 and a Soul of a Nameless Soldier x1.

Seaside Sword Room and Second Shortcut

You can drop down from here to return to the portion of the courtyard where the Old Ironclad stood in the doorway. If you haven't already, kill the hollow soldier and Ironclad, go through the doorway, and into a large room. To the right and up the stairs is a corpse with a Lifegem x1 and Homeward Bone x1. Back down the stairs and to the right is a locked door. To the left, as you enter, and straight down the room are two hollow soldiers. Just past the ruins of the giant sword a hollow soldier lies in feint. In the corner nearby is a corpse with Amber Herb x2. Going up the blade of the stone sword, you encounter two hollow soldiers. Behind them find a corpse with a Halberd x1 and Soul of a Nameless Soldier x1.

Once back down the sword, head through the mist and into a large open room with a sconce. to the right is a broken wall which leads into a room with a Crystal Lizard and a seated hollow soldier. The staircase in the room leads down to a boarded up door. A corpse at the base has a Large Leather Shield x1 and Lifegem x1. Returning back into the first room you first entered, head straight across and turn right. On the right is a corpse with Fire Arrow x10. Just beyond and to the right is the elevator to the The Last Giant boss. But, first, open the door just ahead which creates a shortcut to the ladder from the Second Bonfire.

When you're ready to try The Last Giant, step on the pressure plate elevator and descend. (If you step on the pressure plate but immediately hop off of the elevator, the other side will bring up a hollow. Descending either elevator goes to the same location) Go down the hallway where a hollow soldier waits in the doorway on the left. The door is locked for the time being. To open it, you need the Iron Key from the Iron Keep. This door leads to the Salamander Pit mentioned earlier. Straight into the tunnel and enter the mist to confront The Last Giant.

Boss: The Last Giant

Ironclad Enclave

After obtaining the Soldier Key return to the room before the rooftops section, just past the bottom of the bonfire ladder, and to the left of the bridge above the Fire Salamander Pit. The Soldier Key unlocks the door in this room and opens to the top of a staircase. Descending leads to a fairly dark, long rectangular room. A hollow pretending to be asleep is on the left. Another hollow and two Ironclads guard the room. Sconces are scattered about the room and, when lit, illuminate the entire area nicely. A corpse in the corner by the sleeping hollow has a Black Firebomb x3 and a Homeward Bone. A door guarded by a hollow soldier exits to an outside area where the remnants of several buildings are found. Old Ironclads are the main enemy here, but a hollow archer will immediately become a nuisance. Hollows are present in a small building directly across from where you come into this section. The Bastard Sword can also be found in this building. Ladders outside and inside this building lead to the roof where the player will be greeted by large hammers from two Ironclads. On this rooftop is a corpse holding a Soul of a Nameless Soldier and Cracked Red Eye Orb x3. Heading back down you'll find a small clearing and a corpse by a gate (the other side is the area in which the ambush Pate warns about is found). The corpse holds an Amber Herb x1 and Green Blossom x1. A broken down building creates a path over a chasm leading to the rest of the area. An Ironclad protects a small room where there appears to be a tree. Examining the tree reveals it is a Resting Giant. Another small room to it holds the Soldier's Rest bonfire. A chest can be found up above a small elevated area at the end of this section and the Hunter/Leather set and a Large Soul of a Proud Knight. This area can also serve as a sniper spot for the two rooftop Ironclads.

To the Pursuer

A second door can be open from down the ladder. Go through the bridge and get rid of the three hollow on the way. To the right of the bridge is a door you can now open. Walking in front of you, you will find a chest with Torch x3 and a Ring of Restoration. Back on, you can a courtyard through the right, but it's pointless for now as it require the symbol of King.
Then, go back to the mist guarded by two hollows with shield and spear. The door left of the stairs can now be opened. Beat the two hollows up the stairs and be careful with the one up, he may jump attack from the stairs. Go up and you will face a mist wall. Before getting through, climb the stairs on the right to find a body and a S oul of a Nameless Soldier, and L ifegem x3. Now, get ready to fight the area's boss and traverse the mist!

Boss: The Pursuer

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