Die verlorene Festung

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NPCs in the area

  1. Lucatiel of MIrrah
  2. Steady Hand McDuff
  3. Straid of Olaphis (boss souls merchant)



Royal Soldiers
Attack Dogs
Ruin Sentinels: Alessia, Risse, and Yahim

Access From No Man's Warf

The Lost Bastille can be accessed from two directions. The ship from No Man's Wharf or being carried in by the Eagle after The Pursuer boss fight in the Forest of Fallen Giants (see Access from Pursuer). Taking the ship brings you to a small rocky shoreline with an entrance into a walled structure. An elevator brings you to a stairway with cells lining either side. After reaching the top of the elevator you can ride the top of the elevator back down to access a small break in the wall with a corpse (step on the elevator switch, quickly exit the elevator, then jump onto the top of the elvator). This corpse has a Scimitar and Repair Powder x1. After the corpse, drop back down through a hole into the elevator room. After coming back up the elevator, several items can be found in the cells including a Soul of Proud Knight, Radiant Lifegem, and Common Fruit x2. Near the top of the stairs on the left is the Exile Holding Cells bonfire.

Access from Pursuer Boss Fight

The Lost Bastille can also be accessed after The Pursuer boss fight in the Forest of Fallen Giants. After defeating the boss, examining the nest nearby prompts his eagle friend to come get you and carry you to a The Tower Apart bonfire in the Bastille. This is a short area guarded by Knights and Dogs and consists of negligible geographic size. Shortly after the bonfire ledge can be followed around the next build to a corpse with Radiant Lifegem x1 and Titanite Shard x1. From here double back and drop in one of the windows to catch the crossbow knight off guard. Below are three dogs and numerous powder kegs. Through the door on the lower level is a chest in an open area containing the Antiquated Key and the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring. Return to the room and climb up the other ladder to confront a Mummy guarding the walkway. The locked door at the end leads to the tower with Lucatiel of Mirrah. It can be opened from this side and provides access to the rest of the level.

Heide Knight to McDuff

From the Exile Holding Cells bonfire (see Access From No Man's Warf), head up the stairs to your left. Upon reaching the top of the stairs you will find yourself on a walkway/wall. The first enemy of the area is a Heide Knight wielding a spear. He will not attack unless provoked and upon his death gives you the Heide Spear. Immediately after this is a small group of barrels and crates that can be destroyed to see a break in the wall. Directly below is a large Mummy on a scaffolding. You can drop down on him and use a plunging attack. However, you will want to finish him quickly as the scaffolding will likely break leading to both of you falling below. Two Dogs will join the fray making this a good approach only for aggressive players (kill that Mummy quick, I mean it).

Alternatively, following the walkway will lead to a ladder that places you in the same courtyard. Another option (recommended path first time) is to jump down a small break in the walkway. Following the path to the right leads to a corpse that carries a Soul of a Brave Warrior and a Human Effigy. Going back the other way leads to the same courtyard. One of the Dogs will aggro shortly after entering the courtyard and the other dog will attack if you walk toward the corner directly in front of you. Once the mummy notices you it will drop down and can be fought normally. After exiting the small room with the ladder to fight this trio, you'll notice another scaffolding along the wall. Break it to access a corpse with an Alluring Skull. There is also a small passage past the mummy's platform. At the end is a chest containing an Estus Flask Shard and a Large Titanite Shard.

Near the broken section of the wall you'll notice a boarded up doorway you can break open. See Boarded-Up Room for this area. Continuing in the other direction will lead you to more Dogs and a pull mechanism to open a large gate that you will surely not miss. Two more Dogs will greet you here. You may notice a conspicuous barrel right in front of you. Hold onto that thought for a minute. Turning a corner leads to another stairway. At the base of the stairs is a locked door. At the top of the stair is a Mummy who is just waiting to roll a barrel at you. It looks harmless but the Bastille has many explosive barrels. This is one of them. Shooting the Mummy with an arrow will lead to him rolling the barrel down. If it explodes on the wall at the end of the stair it will reveal another passage. The Mummy will descend to engage you in combat. You can use his wide attack radius to your advantage by having him swing near the barrel I asked you to remember from before. This one also explodes doing significant damage to the Mummy and knocking him down. This is a trick that can be used often in this level and is hilarious...

After killing the Mummy, the wall that he just exploded was hiding McDuff's Workshop bonfire, and allows you to the other side of the locked door mentioned above. Video of how to explode the wall manually here. This turns out to be McDuff's workshop. McDuff is a seemingly senile Blacksmith muttering about finding an Ember. There are several chests in this room that contain Iron Arrow x10, Heavy Bolt x10, Titanite Shard x5 and Large Titanite Shard x2. McDuff is sitting on one chest which cannot be opened right away. Lighting the sconce in his room will prompt him to move to his anvil the next time you return. The chest can now be opened (Craftsman's Hammer and Twinkling Titanite) but McDuff still refuses to interact in any meaningful way. Finding the Dull Ember in the area Iron Keep and giving it to him, will allow McDuff to work on weapons for you, including infusing elemental stats onto them.

Dogs and Lucatiel

Exiting this area and continuing up the stairs leads to another walkway. A dog right in front of you will attack. As you walk forward there will be another dog to your right in hiding. Kill him and claim a Gold Pine Resin on a corpse. You will also notice a window in front of you that can be used to shoot a couple Royal Knights in the building across from you. This will make a coming battle slightly easier. If you look down into the chasm you will see an odd closed door built into the wall. Opening that from the other side leads to a shortcut to the next boss fight. You can's use it now but, once open, simply run forward toward the open door and continue pressing forward while falling.

For now though you need to continue back along the walkway. Another Dog and Mummy will provide little additional challenge. At this point you can move forward or across a broken stone to another area to your right. Continuing along forward (recommended path first time) leads to a tower with Lucatiel of Mirrah just hanging out. Speak with her and she will show you her true face and gives you a Human Effigy . She claims she doesn't know what it's for. Another door leads out but is unable to be opened from this side (until you destroy the obstruction on the other side of the door with a firebomb from the walkway just to the right of the door you came in). Continue back outside and look to the right of the door you came in. A ladder there can be accessed by using a broken section of wall nearby to climb up. Up top a corpse will be generous and carry a Large Titanite Shard.

Royal Soldier Swarm and Approach to Sentinels

It's time to cross that broken stone to the small open area across the chasm! Make sure you have healing items and your weapon isn't about to break. You can return to the previous walkway by passing through a broken section of the small stone wall. This will provide a convenient retreat for the coming encounter. You will quickly come to a door following a small open area. Upon opening that and stepping inside you will be swarmed by Knights. If you were able to kill the two earlier with projectiles through the window that will be two less to the battle. A similar tactic: before you step through the door, if you look carefully, you can see a knight straight ahead, in the distance (inside the building). Shooting it with a ranged attack will pull two of the knights out, minimizing the upcoming swarm. Using the door as a choke point can be very effective. However, they use large two handed swords and can hit through each other meaning you need to be ready to backpedal and continue the fight. After beating these guys you will find yourself in a large room with stairs heading down and a path to your left. Following the path to your left leads to more Knights in a small room (if they didn't all empty out before) and a pull mechanism. It may be advisable to NOT pull this lever as it opens a gate which we'll discuss again later. If you DO open the gate there are two more Knights and a short hallway filled with cells.

Following the hall leads to the Ruin Sentinels : Alessia, Ricce & Yahim Boss Fight. Heading down from the large room that prompted the knight swarm will lead to the door in the wall mentioned above as a shortcut(a shortcut to heaven! DO NOT enter this door or you will fall to death). A corpse carries a Soul of a Proud Knight and a Human Effigy . A ladder off to the side of the room will lead you back up to the hallway before the boss fight. Once the door in the wall is open, it can be used to bypass the majority of Knights with the exception of the two directly in the hall. If you opened the gate I warned you not to, there will be a swarm in the hallway instead of just two. The lever can not be undone so once it's pulled you will face the Knight swarm every time. Note that some players report being able to walk past these two knights, and the entire swarm, without them attacking at all. In any case, you can outrun them if you just want to fight the bosses. In a cell by the Mist Door (with back to Mist Door, it's the third on the left) there is a skeleton with Radiant Lifegem x2 and if you're in Human Form you can summon the Phantom Pilgrim Bellclaire who will assist you with her sorcery. Please see Ruin Sentinels to Belfry Luna for information regarding the boss fight and location after.

Boarded-Up Room

(To get to the start of this section, see Heide Knight to McDuff). If you break the boarded wall here, and head in, you will find a small room with makeshift wooden walls littering the place. These can be broken. A Knight is hiding behind one. There are two doors on the same wall. One can be opened immediately and has two Small Mummies in it. Watch out as they appear to trip in front of you: this causes an area of effect explosion which does heavy damage, but only to you. They will get right back up and fight. Killing them and entering the room nets you Flame Butterfly x2. The other door can be opened with the Antiquated Key: see Access from Pursuer for details on obtaining the Antiquated Key.

Opening the door with the Antiquated Key will lead to 4 Dogs attacking you in a small courtyard. A well is a central feature in this area. A rock tied to a rope tempts you to strike it. Doing so raises a large cage with three more of the Small Mummies in it. Defeating them yields the Wanderer Set. A building nearby has a door; behind the well is a separate entry from a ladder and eaves.. Entering the door leads to a Royal Soldier carrying their usual sword. A Royal Soldier archer above will add his piece to the fight. From the door, there is an elevation which prevents you from accessing the Royal Soldier. Taking the ladder from outside the room (behind the well), allows you to kill him, then drop down to take care of the sword knight; however, a second sword knight will come in behind. Back outside the room, from the eaves atop the ladder behind the well, you will notice explosive barrels near where the archer was. Blowing them up with fire arrows or firebombs reveals a hole in the wall which holds Archdrake Robes and Archdrake Shield. A ladder, in the same room, but on the lower elevation, has a corpse with a Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier and a Green Blossom, and you may be able to use this as a sniper spot for the next room. From the elevation with the archer, there is a short tunnel blocked by barrels. Smashing them will lead to a room with two statues, one of which is quite large. Two Knights will try to take you out. Also prominent in this room is the presence of a Pharros' Lockstone face, and three chests. The chest on the left contains the Bone Staff. The first chest on the right holds a Parrying Dagger and the last chest has the very fast dex weapon Twinblade. A ladder exiting the room will place you above and behind the Mummy who tries to roll the barrel at you in Heide Knight to McDuff. The Pharros' Lockstone (which you may want to skip for now unless you're very flush with lockstones) will create two ghostly visages on the walls to indicate hidden passages. The one on the left holds a chest containing a Soul Vessel: the only way to get to this is using the Pharros' Lockstone. The one on the right leads to:

Cell Elevator Bottom

This room is accessible using a Pharros' Lockstone at the end of the Boarded-up Room sequence, or, from Cell Elevator Top. This room holds a small torture cell, which is actually an elevator which leads to Cell Elevator Top. This room has a chest with Wilted Dusk Herb.

Ruin Sentinels to Belfry Luna

The Ruin Sentinels boss fight is a triple threat fight, pitting the player against three sentinels (Yahim is first and can be fought by itself, followed by Alessia and Ricce). After defeating this boss a small door exits the room. However there are multiple secret doors among the walls here so look and press around (these are opened, not destroyed, so press the "use" key - X on PS3). From below the ledge where you fight Yahim and looking to the center of the room, an illusory wall on the left leads to a ladder and a chest with Hush. Going around the corner is another illusory wall with a chest behind it. It holds the Target Shield. There is another secret door on this wall that leads to an empty room. A third and final one on this wall has a corpse with a Rusted Coin. When you are done you will find staircase leads to ledges seen when you fell into the arena and met Yahim up close. A secret door at the top of these stairs (left hand side) opens up on an exploding mummy and a chest with Rouge Water. After walking onto the ledges after the stairs, a corpse with Homeward Bone x3 is on a smaller area that can be accessed by jumping.A secret door on this ledge will look very familiar as it leads to the chest with Hush in it. A doorway from the main ledge leads to a short corridor with cells on either side. A corpse with a Soul of a Nameless Soldier is on the right. A small mummy in the last cell on the left explodes, causing moderate damage. This leads into a room with the Servants' Quarters bonfire, a ladder down, and a short stairway up leading to a door. The ladder leads to a small room with one dog and a corpse with the Large Club. A chest holds a Priest's Chime. A Pharros' Lockstone can be used which does the normal ghostly visage on a wall. This leads to the area Belfry Luna.

Mummy Swarm to Sinner's Rise

The door leads to a parapet with a large Mummy to your left and a corpse with a Human Effigy. To the right is a tower with two paths: a doorway to the left and stairs leading up. The doorway path will net all possible loot: it leads to a short walk with a mummy, and an area with a broken wall; the break in the wall leads to a roof with a corpse holding a Flame Butterfly x3. This roof overlooks a courtyard with Attack Dogs x4, and a well, an area accessible on the ground from the Boarded-Up Room using the Antiquated Key. You can jump a gap here which takes you to another roof where rests a corpse with a Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier. You cannot return by jumping but a ladder leads up to a one-way drop to a hallway. To the right is a petrified person (non-revivable I believe [I did not find one (x2). Online interaction w/petrify mummy?]) and a small mummy lying in wait in a large room with many barrels. Continuing through this room leads to the stairwell in the tower where the paths split before. A door in the room with barrels opens into a wall of dirt with a skeleton inside. The skeleton can be smashed but this appears to be a dead end.

Around the corner, back near the on-way drop from the ladder, a pull mechanism opens a gate with three small mummies waiting for you. One of the mummies has a yellow glowing chest and will cause petrify buildup with his explosions. Take care of them and you can enter a room filled with caged urns that look like Russian nesting dolls. The large pile of urns in the center of the room holds two Kamakaze Mummies. There's another on a ledge just above the door as you enter the room. There's a caged area in the room that you cannot access from here. Straight across the room from the entry is a doorway leading to a hall with an illusory walls at the end. This leads to another hallway with another illusory wall on the left hallway wall, which in turn leads to some ramparts above the entry to Lost Bastille from the Exile Holding Cells bonfire. You'll see an item glinting across a jumpable gap, but head left beforehand to find a Bracing Knuckle Ring, head back and do a jump (hard to jump back!) across the gap where you'll find a Flame Butterfly and a Torch. Instead of trying to jump back, take a one-way trip to the right and drop down to a narrow ledge running along the wall. Keep following it all the way to the end, where you'll find a Soul of a Brave Warrior and a Golden Wing Shield. Drop down here to land on the stairway above McDuff's Workshop bonfire. The run back from here's not too bad: use the shortcut to the Ruin Sentinels arena, and you're halfway there.

Back in the room with the caged urns, head up the stairs to another room with two Kamakaze Mummies. Continuing up the stairs, you'll reach an open-air room with Kamakaze Mummies x5, one of which is a yellow-belly petrifier. They can be fought individually by pulling one at a time. After clearing the mummies you will notice Straid's Cell bonfire in one of the cells, but it is blocked by a petrified NPC. He is Straid of Olaphis, and you need a Fragrant Branch of Yore to free him and unblock the bonfire.The locked door to the right can be opened with the Bastille Key found in Belfry Luna. Inside the cell is a skeleton with a Petrified Dragon Bone (I got miracle Resplendent life instead in NG+) and 3 Firebombs. The door in the cell leads to a hole dropping you on the bridge below. You can get to the same bridge from back in the room below Straid's Cell bonfire; here, at the bottom of the stairs, a pull-lever opens an archway gate here to the bridge, which is protected by three bowmen. Just outside this gate and to the right is a short path to a Royal Soldier, protecting a corpse with Lifegem x8. After killing the soldier, you can sprint across the bridge to the fog gate and pull the lever to continue onto Sinner's Rise. But, before that, if you haven't already, go back down the stairs to:

Cell Elevator Top

Back in the room below Straid's Cell Bonfire, there's a door opening to a room with a cell elevator. A corpse has a Skeptic's Spice x1. A corpse on a ledge below can be accessed by jumping (or rolling), and has a Bonfire Ascetic. Continuing to drop down leads to Cell Elevator Bottom.

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The Lost Bastille: Complete Walkthrough & Boss Fight


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