NPC Melentia.png Melentia can be found in Huntsman's Copse. She is seen carrying a large pack of goods with her and hints that this was a result of the devastation when the giants crossed the sea, bringing destruction to Drangleic. Melentia sells a wide variety of goods, including consumables, armor, weapons and spells.


  • 1st interaction "Buy something, anything...Come, now...Help an old woman... And buy something...Keh heh heh..."
  • 2nd interaction "Oh, you again. Go on...It's on the cheap for you.Keh heh heh..."
  • 3rd interaction "Buy something, anything...Don't abandon a poor old woman...I knew you'd be back..."
  • Buying something for the 1st time "Thank you kindly. Keh heh heh..."
  • Buying something for the 2nd time "It's high time that I pick up and move.I've a bargain for you, next time we meet, my love."
  • Leaving without buying "Lowly times, these are...Keh heh heh..."

  • "My name is Melentia.You a stranger to this land? All we get is strangers these days. Everybody's gone and run off! Drangleic's been a pile o' rubble since the war fought long, long ago. When the Giants crossed the sea.
  • Seemed like the battles would never end. Poor folk like myself had nary a place to sleep. That's why I keep all me things right with me.
  • You may travel light, but methinks you bear a burden of your own.
  • Everyone's so stingy around here. Everyone's so stingy everywhere! You're my only customer. Don't make me beg, now, buy something!
  • We call this place Madula. Not too special, if you ask me. It's just the place where everyone seems to end up. Keh heh heh..."
  • Attacking the NPC "Keh heh heh.. You've no respect! Die, you rotten lout! I'll have your guts for garters!"
  • Getting killed by the NPC "Cruel, cruel world, this is... Keh heh heh..."
  • Killing the NPC "Keh heh heh...That's not very nice, is it? Keh heh heh..."

  • Drops







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