No-man's Wharf is a port town with undead pirates and plenty of treasure. The area makes use of the torch and fire features for enemy attacks and defenses, so be on the lookout for useful contraptions and bring a torch with you.

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How to get there

Players can unlock No-Man's Wharf shortly after the Dragonrider in Heide's Tower of Flame. Walk across the stone bridge from the bonfire above the stage of the Dragon Rider boss. From there, follow the path through the underground area and take the elevator, which will bring you down into a partially submerged tunnel. Farther down the path, you will encounter another bonfire in a cave with stalagmites preceding the tunnel to the Wharf. That being said, No Man's Wharf could be considered an "optional" area as players can opt to take the large eagle behind The Pursuer instead of taking the boat to The Lost Bastille.

NPCs in the area

  1. Carhillion of the Fold, sorcery trainer;
  2. Gavlan, merchant for poison items, also buys your items for a fair price.
  3. Lucatiel of Mirrah, summon for boss fight. Her sign is near the shortcut gate.




Note: There's no bonfire in No Man's Warf. The one coming from Heide's Tower of Flame is it.

Coming from Heide's Tower of Flame
From the bonfire, continue straight towards some steps that begin to curve to the left. Be careful here, as there is an archer on the dock straight ahead who will continue to shoot fire arrows at you until you kill him. Note that throughout this area, the Varangian Bandits will try to douse you with thrown oil bombs, while archers try to snipe you with flaming arrows. When they get it right, it hurts. In any case, if the archer he hits you, take a step back until his arrows no longer reach you. From here you can snipe him with a bow and arrows. Continuing down the steps, there will be a hollow soldier sleeping on the ground. Here is a fork, you can continue straight (to the left) or take a right down the dock. Keep left (go straight) towards a structure. When you enter, on the left will be two more hollow soldiers pretending to sleep. Continue up the stairs where there is a chest with 1x Titanite Shard. After opening the chest, step outside and kill the Varangian Bandit on the roof. There's a corpse here with Soul of a Proud Knight x1. From here you can snipe the Varangian Bandit standing on the dock to the left.

Now continue along the dock towards the beach. Beware, there is a hollow soldier in each of the structures on the beach and a Varangian Bandit on one of the roofs who will jump down if you attack a hollow soldier. I recommend sniping one or both of the hollow soldiers from the docks. You may need to retreat back a little ways to keep the Varangian Bandit from coming after you. Once you dispatch these three enemies, you can take the steps down into the water to collect the item from a corpse in the water, 1x Large Soul of a lost Undead, 1x Lifegem. Be careful exploring this area. The brick building on the far right (when looking from the dock) has a Spider Monkey inside. He will not come out if you have a lit torch, or unless you get pretty close.

The Bloatheads (Spider Monkeys) are strong with a long reach and deal hefty bleed damage but are afraid of light, so keeping a torch lit can help avoiding a fight.
Note: They will not cower from the light of a torch forever. Once they flee for long enough, or are backed into a corner with nowhere to go, they will become aggressive and the torch will no longer protect you.

Because of the Spider Monkeys, players should prioritize traveling this area with a torch. From the beach, where you are ambushed by two hollows and a Varangian bandit, light your torch, travel halfway up the stairs, turn right and slay the Varangian bandit and his guard dog. There's a Varangian Archer on the roof to your left, so be wary of him. Enter the building on your left to dispatch two sleeping Varangians. There's a chest here containing Brigand set and a Bandit Axe. Dash up the stairs and take out another: if you're too cautious here, the bandit will hit you with a plunging attack on the stairs. In the room at the top of the stairs is a chest with 1x Repair Powder, 1x Titanite Shard. Outside this room are two more Varangians (archers). Dispatch them and note the locked gate here -- we'll open this later for a handy shortcut.

Once all the bandits in the building have been eliminated, go back down to the courtyard outside the ground floor and move towards the cliff overlooking the beach. You should see a stone face ( Pharros' Contraption) on the ground. If you use a Pharros' Lockstone here, the overhead lantern will light and the Spider Monkeys will be largely confined to building interiors. This makes travel significantly easier through No-man's Wharf. The rest of this walkthrough assumes you have lit this lantern.

Dropping off a short ledge onto a roof after the Pharros' Contraption, head left to a corpse with 1x Small Smooth and Silky Stone, 1x. Soul of a Proud Knight. Drop back down to the beach, taking care to avoid the Dark Stalker in the room below. Heading back up the stairs to the landing in the middle, snipe/pull the Varangian Bandit at the top of the stairs. Then, instead of continuing up the stairs, head left and up a flight of stairs to a waiting Varangian. There's a pantry shelf in the corner of the room, which you can destroy to expose a corpse with Ring of Life Protection. Head out the doorway, taking care to deal with the Varangian just outside in an alcove on your left. Continuing ahead is another Varangian and an Attack Dog.

Passing a small room on your left, you'll come to the base of a stairway, which you should ascend. At the top, follow a pathway to the right. You'll see a room ahead, filled with Dark Stalkers. Unfortunately, you want to get in that room, because once you clear out all the Dark Stalkers, you'll be able to head up the stairs and find Lonesome Gavlan, to whom you can sell for souls anything you don't want. Note that you only get one shot in No-Man's Warf to sell things to Gavlan; he will again appear later, but not too soon, and not here. Anyhow, back to the Dark Stalkers, be patient, pulling them out with ranged attacks one at a time, and taking care with their long reach. DO NOT try to run past them to Gavlan; They will tear down the wall! A spear or halberd can be helpful. [I'm sure there are some good tactics for fighting these suckers; someone please add]. There are some Stalkers in the room below, more in the adjacent room, and more again upstairs. Once you get through them all there's a chest with 1x Greatsword, and another POISONED chest on the right with [??], and Gavlan.

Heading back out of the Gavlan building, note the corpse with Emit Force, and a possible drop here to the next section. Better to head left to a wooden platform with a door on your left. Dispatch a Varangian Bandit here, and head (carefully) up the stairs to another who is ready to pounce. Go out the doorway, then left up a set of stairs to a platform. There's a bell here with a lever. Pulling the lever will cause the bell to ring and the ghost ship in the harbor to move towards the dock, so that you can eventually access it, and ultimately the Flexile Sentry boss.

Continue on, dropping down the gap to the left of the bell. There's a corpse here with 2x Lifegem, 1x Homeward Bone. Heading back to where you just dropped onto this roof, take another short drop. Turn around, and head into a small room with stairs heading down. There are two Dark Stalkers below. Halfway down the stairs is a corpse with 10x Fire Arrow. You should be able to scoot down, grab the stuff from the corpse, and get out of there. If you want to kill the Stalkers, you can try to lure them up the stairs, and/or head back out of the room and drop down to the rocky ledge below, which gives you access to a doorway leading into the same lower room where the Stalkers are. Note that if you drop down, you can attack the Stalkers through the wall.

Head down the rock ramp and drop down to the stone-paved yard. Head straight past the brazier on your right, to an archway leading to a door and a room. Opening the door, go straight ahead to an Illusory Wall. Inside are two chests with 1x Large Titanite Shard, 3x Firebombs. Head back out and left up the stairs to a waiting Vangarian. Continue up the stairs to a short hallway, and open the shortcut gate by pulling the chain, which leads back to a ledge above the courtyard with the Pharros' Contraption.

Now backtrack to the ground floor and head back to where you originally dropped down. Just past here on the left is a small room with two sleeping Varangians, and a bunch of urns filled with poison. Take care to lure the Varangians outside, and dispatch them. Once back in the room, don't break any urns unless you do so from a distance with a long spear or such. Entering the room, on the left are two urns blocking a corpse with 7x Throwing Knife, 1x Flame Butterfly. In the right corner, behind some other urns is a chest with 1x Estus Flask Shard. To the left of the chest is an unstable wall which you can shatter with a strong leaping attack or a spell. Behind the wall is a Crystal Lizard, so move quick. There's also a chest in here with a Royal Soldier's Ring.

Head back out of the room and right to a stone stairway heading down. As you near the bottom, you'll see to Dark Stalkers with their butts sticking out of a large hole in the wall. In the room is [?? nothing]. Past the room, continue straight onto a dock. You'll see a corpse hanging off a boat to your right. Head past that for now, and turn right. There are two Varangian Bandits hiding here, hanging off the side of the dock. Take care with them -- falling off the far side of the dock is instant death. Once they're gone turn right back towards the beach; there's another Varangian playing dead in the water here. Take him out, and you're clear to loot the corpse hanging on the dinghy, for [??].

Continue on, past where the Bandits were hanging, and then left down a narrow dock and up some stairs. At the top sits Carhillion of the Fold, and if your intelligence is 8 or above, he'll sell to you, and exhausting his dialogue will prompt him to go to Majula. Heading back the way you came, now head down the dock towards the ghost ship. Once you board the ship, head immediately left and up onto the raised platform on the bow, and take out the Varangian Archer here quickly. Two sword wielding Bandits will come running from the other end of the ship. Deal with them, and then head toward the ship stern, watching out for a Varangian Archer shooting flaming arrows. Once he's down, head through a small doorway and down the stairs into the hold to the fog gate of the

You can summon the NPC Lucatiel of Mirrah for this boss. Her sign is near the shortcut gate. In fact, you should summon and keep her alive through the boss fight to progress with her story line.

Boss: Flexile Sentry

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