This optional secret area features a PvP covenant and an interesting side story for the player. Completing it before attempting Sinner's Rise will give the possibility of making the boss fight there more accessible.

NPCs in the area

  1. Belfry Luna Dwarf




Note: This tower is defended by the Bell Keepers covenant and players can be invaded by covenant members until you reach the boss. If you're finding it difficult to reach the boss without getting invading try disconnecting your console beforehand this disables the online features allowing you to pass this area unhindered. Simply reconnect once you are out of the Belfry. Warning: disconnecting while there is an invader already in your world will require you to use a Bone of order
Upon entering you'll encounter the Bell Keeper. If you exhaust his dialogue he will invite you to join the Bell Keepers covenant. Continue up to stairs and you'll encounter a phantom version of the Bell Keeper. At close range he will use his axe, but at long range he may pull out a bow. Be wary of the hole at the top of the stairs. Once dealt with, look for the hole near the middle of the room and drop in. You'll find yourself in the room blocked by the pile of dead keepers. Open the nearby chest for a Blue Tearstone Ring. On your way back to the staircase you will also find a corpse with a Skeptic's Spice. On the third floor there will be 2 more bell keepers a fog door blocked by some bars and a ladder. At the top of the ladder there will be 4 more bell keepers, with the possibility of another "invading" bell keeper. To prevent a 4 or 5 way fight immediately run behind the pillar next to the ladder, and kite the 2 keepers until dead. Then pull the other keepers one at a time. Blocking is not recommended as the bell keepers still do considerable damage through shields. After they have been dispatched you can grab Radiant Lifegem x 2, Twilight Herb x 2 from the nearby chest, and another Skeptic's Spice from a corpse leaning against one of the corner supports. After the bell is rung the fog door leading to the boss can be accessed.

Boss: Belfry Gargoyle

After the fight look along the roof's edge to find a Soul of a Proud Knight. Inside the other tower is a set of stairs going down to a chest, which holds the Southern Ritual Band. Out the door you'll see a Bonfire at the end of wall and next to it a ladder leading down. At the bottom is a large pack of dogs. If you wish to engage using melee, slide down quickly to avoid the dogs bunching up at the bottom. Then run up the stairs and kill them one at a time. If too many pile up at once you can jump down the stairs. You will take minimal fall damage, but usually this is worth it. If you wish to use ranged attacks, get the dogs attention and climb back up the ladder. The dogs can be auto-locked from the top of the ladder. Once you are at the bottom a NPC black phantom by the name of Vorgel the Sinner will invade. He attacks rapidly with a spear, but is considerably slow. He is relatively easy to kite with ranged attacks, but you may find yourself running out of stamina if you try blocking with a shield. After the dust has settled go to the other end to find the Bastille Key in the short tunnel and an enchanted Falchion at the top of the steps.

Video walk-through

Belfry Luna Walk-through w/ Boss


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