Lichtsteinbucht Tseldora

Tseldora noch ein eigentlich recht junges Reich wurde es von einem Herzog namens Tseldora gegründet.
Rege Bergbauarbeiten und das abbauen wertvoller steine brachten Tseldora auch den beinahmen Bauernstaat, da dort neben den Bergbau Aktivitäten auch Landwirtschafft betrieben wurde.
Tseldora war trotz der anderer Orts herablassenden Beleidigung als Bauernstaat wohlhabender als die meisten anderen Reiche. Dies kam von dem Abbau der reichen Mineralienvorkommen.
Der Herzog Tseldora selbst lebte stehts zurück gezogen und widmete sich mehr seinen Forschungen.
Mit der Zeit verbitterte Herzog Tseldora jedoch immer mehr und wies sogar seinen engsten Vertrauten von sich da diese in seinen Augen Verräter waren! Was aus den beiden Treuen Seelen wurde weiss inzwischen niemand mehr. Möglicherweise leben sie sogar noch?

Der Fürst wurde schon seit Jahren nicht mehr gesehen. Selbst als sein Reich von einer unerwarteten Spinnenplage heimgesucht wurde blieb er verschwunden.
Das einzige was man mit Sicherheit wusste das er eine Vorliebe für Spinnen hatte.
Ob er wohl noch am leben ist oder ober gar von den Spinnen getötet wurde? Das weiss niemand.
In den Schatten munkelt man das er es zu verschulden hat das die Spinne das Reich zu Grunde richteten und aus so manchen Geflüster mag man zu hören vermögen das er sogar noch am Leben sei. Nicht mehr Menschlich und von furchtbaren Wesen umgeben.
Das sind jedoch Schaudergeschichten die man am besten schnell wieder vergisst...
Oder könnten sie die reine Wahrheit sein?
Verfasser: Joe Doe.
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You will begin the area at the royal army campsite, In this area are Several Undead Villagers and two larger versions of the pigs in Majula. Be careful: these undead have weapons enchanted with Dark and hit pretty hard! Move ahead and the tent to the right of a burning pile of corpses contains a Bonfire. Go out of the bonfire tent and into the tent to the left of the burning corpse pile to find a summon sign for Bernhart of Jugo. ( If you are human). From this tent go out the opposite side to find a large scaffolding and a Hollow to the left surrounded by corpses holding items. Attack the scaffolding to cause a corpse to fall. He holds Lacerating Arrow x15. Proceed to dispatch the Hollow to the left and loot the corpses to find Soul Of a Nameless Soldier x3, Large Soul Of a Proud Knight x1. Return back to the bonfire tent and head to the ruined building ahead. On the side are Urns containing a corpse holding Large Soul Of a Nameless Soldi er x1. The doorway of this building is blocked off so instead, head to the well to the right, past the burning corpses. Loot the corpse hanging over the well for Titanite Shard x1. Note: You can jump in this well to reach the blocked off building from before. To jump in, head up the hill behind you. At the bottom of the well is a corpse holding Holy Water Urn x3. Continue on and up the ladder to enter the building. Inside is a chest containing Human Effigy x5. Climb up the rubble to exit the house.

From here, head straight towards the cliff edge. Follow the path down but be careful as Undead lie on wait to the hill above. They will activate trap boulders that will cause massive damage. Pick them off from afar if you can. Ahead is a corpse holding Soul Of a Nameless Soldier x1. Multiple Hollows ahead will converge towards you. Kill them then climb up the ladder to the right and carefully break the wooden supports holding the boulder to the left to reveal a corpse holding Soul Of a Brave Warrior x1. Head back down and continue along the path ahead. Hanging off the ledge is a corpse holding Titanite Shard x1. To the left are more Hollows guarding a large door. Open it and head down, past the first large room and into the second, which has multiple Spiders lying in wait to ambush you. Kill them then loot the Trap Chest for Heavy Bolt x20. Continue through the Iron door ahead to reach a room with a Boss Fog Gate. Don't enter through the fog yet, from the iron door you just entered head straight to find an Illusory Wall press A (xbox) X (ps3). Head up the stairs and down the hall to find a Water Urn and a corpse holding Estus Flask Shard x1. Head back to the Boss Fog.

Boss: Prowling Magus and Congregation

Killing this boss nets you a Titanite Slab x1. Go through the door ahead and face immediately left to find a ladder in the alcove of the wall. Head up to reach NPC Cromwell The Pardoner and multiple corpses holding Bonfire Ascetic x1, Cleric's Small Shield x1, Fading Soul x3 and Skeptic's Spice x1. Speaking to Cromwell will cause him to give you a ring of resistance. (May need a certain level of Faith. On my 4 Faith character no ring, on another character with 40 faith got the ring.) (worked with 35 faith. not with 6.) When you are ready, head back down the ladder. Move towards the cliff edge and look down to the right to find a Crystal Lizard on the ledge below but don't attempt him now. Instead, move into the cave entrance to the right. Inside to the left is a Bonfire. Now that you have reached the bonfire you can attempt the Lizard. ( Note: For this guide you will need to Homeward Bone or Darksign back shortly after you kill the Lizard as you will be in area you are not ready for.)

If you take the Lizard approach watch out, as multiple Grave Lord Casters will attack you when you drop down. Off the left side of the lizard ledge is another platform with a corpse holding Titanite Chunk x1 and Twinkling Titanite x1. Loot him then Homeward back to avoid a break in the flow of the guide. From the bonfire, Head down and look under the stairs for a corpse holding Soul Of A Proud Knight x1. Through the doorway is a room with 2 Jars, which hold a corpse with Wilted Dusk Herb x2. On the ledge outside, look down and a Grave Lord Caster will fire at you. Take him out from here to make things a little easier ahead. Next to you is a zip-line. Ride it across and kill the spider. Head left towards the Jars. Inside the building will be Mild Mannered Pate and Creighton Of Mirrah battling it out. ( If you have fully followed their storyline thus far). Choose a NPC to side with and attack the other. Loot the dead NPC and Talk to the alive NPC after the battle, exhausting their dialogue to receive Tseldora Den Key and His Armor Set. Also inside this room inside the jars to the right is a corpse holding Charcoal Pine Resin x3. Head down the cave path to the left hidden behind some junk. Go through the first door and to your right is a corpse holding Torch x1. Past the second door is an Infected Hollow in front of a ledge with a Crystal Lizard holding Titanite Chunk x2 and Twinkling Titanite x1 to his right and a corpse holding Titanite Chunk x1 to his left. Kill the Infected Hollow from inside the house. Once he's dead walk out and quickly turn to your right to see the Crystal lizard and kill it. ( Note this next path requires a Homeward Bone)
From the doorway, there is a ledge to your right which you can drop down from to reach a small area with an Infected corpse. Kill him then turn around and head across the small wooden bridge. In the room to your left are 3 Infected Hollows and a door which leads to no where important. Smash the random objects located to the left to reveal a lever which will lower a platform above. To reach it, head back up the small stairs and make a carefully aimed jump towards it. In the chest is a Southern Ritual Band +1. Homeward Bone and head back across the zip-line.

Head back and stand outside the house where Pate and Creighton fought. You will notice a Corpse holding Titanite Shard x1 in the small outcropping across the gap ahead. If you line it up, this jump is possible but expect to homeward out of there, or else you will be far deviate from the guide. Once you return to the house, go left towards the second zip-line. There are actually two paths to take, one of which require a Homeward Bone as it will lead you to an area you are not ready for and break the flow of the guide. Below are each paths, both starting from outside the house.

1. Head left past the second zip-line and onto the wooden platfrom and drop down ahead to reach a corpse holding Large Titanite Shard x1. Drop down to the stones below and enter the building to find another corpse holding Estus Flask Shard x1. Home ward bone and return to the house.

2. ( Correct Path) Take the second zip-line head through the doorway to reach a room with 2 Grave Lord Casters and a Spider on the ceiling. Take them out then loot the corpse to the left for Lightning Urn x4. Go through the small doorway ahead to reach a ladder. Climb down to reach a room with a bonfire and a door. To your left is a spider so watch out. Head out the door to reach the sand pit. To your right is a corpse holding Petrified Dragon Bone x1 ( Note: When you go to loot this corpse 3 spiders crawl over the hill and attack). Head back to the left of the area to reach a wooden door. A Basilisk will rise out of the sand when you approach. Behind the door is Weaponsmith Ornifex if you saved her in the Shaded Woods. In her room are Jars and Bookshelves to the left. Break them to find corpses holding Flame Butterfly x1 and Pharros' Lockstone x1. Head back outside and on the left path is a Red Crystal Lizard and a large double wooden door. Behind it is a room with a Grave Lord Caster and a Spider.

Behind the bookshelves ahead is a room with another spider and a Chest containing Crescent Axe x1 and Soul Vortex. Back in the main room, up the small hill is a ledge dropping down to a small room with a corpse to the left holding Titanite Chunk x1 and a door to the right (Note that once you drop down this ledge, there is no way to return to the earlier part of the level). Through the door is a large courtyard. Ahead is a Spider-Corpse and a Basilisk. Kill them then head through the half broken wooden door ahead. Kill the spiders inside then head up the stairs and open the door to find a corpse with Large Titanite Shard x1. You will also notice a wooden door down ahead and a scripted Red Phantom spawn below you past the archway. Head down to face him. Ignore the obvious bridge for now and head towards the wooden door you noticed earlier. Trying to open it gives you the message "Too heavy to open". Smash that piece of kindling down with a well placed swing. After it breaks a un-dodgable sand burst will hit you. It's not that bad. Go through the door and open the other door ahead with your Tseldora Den Key you received from Pate / Creighton. Two chests are in this room. The wooden one to the left is a Trap Chest containing Rusted Coin x10 and the metal Chest contains Engraved Gauntlets x1. Collect them and head outside. Go through the archway to the left towards the bridge.

Across the bridge on the second level of the building are 2 Infected Hollows that will drop down and attack you when you near the building. Kill them before proceeding to make things easy. Open the door and look up. Multiple spiders are on the ceiling. Use ranged attacks our move ahead and let them drop down. To the right is a locked iron door. You need the Brightstone Key obtained after the boss battle to open it. To the right of the door is a bench that can be broken to reveal a corpse holding Soul Of a Hero x1 and Gold Pine Resin x4. On the far wall are two doors, each with their own lever next to them. The door on the right holds a corpse with Homeward Bone x3. The door on the left holds an Infected Hollow and a ladder going up. Climb up to reach Freja's lair. In this room are many spider webs which serve as bridges. Be warned, as you step on the webs, spiders will climb up and attack. Lets get started. Drop down from the ledge and move left, hugging the wall. Move down the first web and reach the far side. Behind the first pillar is a corpse holding Torch x1. Careful, a spider will drop down near here. Move forward towards the Jars on the far side. In them is a corpse holding Pharros' Lockstone x1. Move across the web to the left. At the end, drop to the large web to your left and follow it down. Halfway down is a corpse holding Radiant Lifegem x1. Go down to ground level and kill any spiders that attack. To your left is a small but wide web leading up to a platform above. On the far side is a corpse holding Twilight Herb x1. Go back on ground level and underneath the large web is a corpse holding Simpleton's Spice x1. From here, head to the far right side of the room and behind the last pillar is a corpse holding Corrosive Urn x5. As you may have noticed by now, there is a large Fog Door ahead. Also around the area behind a pillar is a summon sign for Ashen Knight Boyd.

Boss: The Duke's Dear Freja

Defeat her, then move towards the dragon and pick up the great soul. Head through the cave to the right to reach the Lords Private Chamber where you will find Duke Tseldora, back turned to the player while focusing on a table in front of him. Defeat the hollowed Duke to receive the Brightstone Key, a Fragrant Branch Of Yore x1 and the Dark Quartz Ring +1. Down the stairs to the right is a Primal Bonfire, but careful it is guarded by Vengarl's Body. Kill it to receive his Armor. Note: Return to Vengarl's head in the shaded woods and speak to him now that you have killed his body. Light the Primal bonfire but don't forget to come back to the locked iron door in the first chamber of the building and unlock it with the Brightstone Key.(There is no way to backtrack out of the area. so either homeward bone out or travel to the last bonfire in the area.) Inside is another door requiring unlocking, however once you open it many spiders will converge. Kill them then loot the chest in the room ahead for Black Knight Ultra Greatsword x1 Great Fireball x1 and Fire Seed x1. Assuming this was your fourth Old One slain, head on to the Shrine Of Winter!

Return when you have the Ashen Mist Heart and activate the crystal within Freja's room to access the Memories of a Dragon


(Work in progress!)

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