Vor langer langer Zeit verliebte sich die noch junge Prinzessin Mytha in einen Prinzen eines anderen Landes.
Sie war die schönste junge Frau weit und breit.
Jeder beneidete sie um ihr Wunderschönes aussehen.
Eines Tages jedoch, die Prinzessin war mittlerweile zur Königin des Landes geworden und war schon einige Jahre mit dem Prinzen Vermählt der ebenfalls ein König geworden war, verließ der König Mytha für eine andere.
Mytha konnte das nicht verstehen...
Sie liebte ihren König über alles... sie verstand nicht was diese andere dreckige Dirne zu bieten hatte was sie nicht besaß...
Mytha entschloss sich selbst das mittlerweile gefundene Gift in ihren Minen sich selbst einzuflößen.
In der tat hatte es einen verjüngenden und kosmetischen Effekt auf die Haut.
Dies jedoch nur in geringen mengen und in langen abständen.
Doch Mytah war voller Hass...
Voller Hass auf diejenige die ihr ihren geliebten nahm und voller Hass letzten Endes auf ihren geliebten Eisenkönig selbst...
Sie Injizierte sich immer mehr Gift da sie schöner als jede andere werden wollte und sie sich ins geheime doch noch erhoffte das sie ihr König wieder lieben könne.
Doch dem war nicht so...
Mytha überlebte wie durch ein wunder die Giftmassen in ihrem Körper, doch hatte es mittlerweile den gegenteiligen Effekt...
Mytha war entstellt!
Viele behaupten sie sei letzten Endes ihrem Gift erlegen... doch dem ist vermutlich nicht so...
Die früheren Loren und Transportwege welche früher das Eisen ins Schloss brachten transportieren nun Gift aus den Gruben ins Schloss.
Zu welchem Zweck?
Nun angeblich soll Mytha durch das Gift ewige Jugend gefunden habe da es eine Heilende Wirkung wie es manche nennen haben soll...
Wie soll man so jemanden Besiegen wenn es den überhaupt war ist?
Man müsste wohl irgendwie die Gift zufuhr ins Schloss kappen...

Doch sind das alles wilde Geschichten...
Einige die mir begegneten welche das Land durchreisten erzählten mir jedoch das sie ein Herzerbrechendes Weinen und Schluchzen aus dem Schloss gehört haben wollen...
Sollte die Königin immer noch dort sein?
Und wenn ja, warum beschützt sie immer noch den einzigen weg der zum Legendären Eisenkönig führt, sollte dieser weg den überhaupt noch existieren...

Eine Traurige Geschichte... Sollte Mytha noch leben dann hätte sie ihre ruhe verdient und sollte dies von einem Barmherzigen Reisenden bekommen...

Verfasser: Joe Doe.

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NPCs in the area

  1. Lucatiel Of Mirrah
  2. Laddersmith Gilligan
  3. Mild Mannered Pate




Start and Assassin's Nook

Entering Eastern Peak from the Harvest Valley upper walkway, venture forward and around the toxic pool. As you approach the stairs take note of the break in the wall on the left. Inside there is a Poison Tick, which will emit a gas as you pass. Run past it and kill the other tick at the top of the stairs. At the top you'll encounter 3 hammer wielding ogres, one in plain sight, one near the fog door, and one in the room to the right of the fog door. All three will aggro when you reach the top, but can be easily kited to the stairs for a one on one fight. With the Hammer Ogres taken care of, return to the top of the stairs and drop into the crack with the first poison tick we encountered. Behind it you can find some Skeptic's Spice.

Again go up the stairs, but before heading to the fog door look toward the toxic pool. You'll notice a metal grate sticking out. Line yourself up at an angle so you don't roll off the grate and make the leap. You'll be greeted by another tick. Kill it, but do not venture too far into the room. If you do you'll agro a Blade Assassin just beyond the door. He is very agile and will attack in quick succession, but is easily deflected by a shield. Pay attention to the floor in the next room and avoid the trap switch. It will activate some arrows from behind. Just past the next door is another Blade Assassin waiting to ambush you. For the humor of it, you can pull the guy into the first room and activate the arrow trap when the enemy walks through the door, taking care of both the trap and the enemy. Down the hall is a chest and yet another Blade Assassin waiting on the left. Across from this enemy is a corpse with a Soul of a Nameless Soldier and Titanite Shard x3 and the chest holds a Heavy Crossbow +3, and Heavy Bolt x15. Head back to the ledge overlooking the pool, jump towards the ramp on your left: if you land in the poison here, you're dead.

Pharros' Contraption and Estus Flask Shard

Now, you're back at the lower entry from the poison urn room in Harvest Valley. Venture down the ramp and run toward the body at the end of the toxin filled hallway. Halfway down take a right and enter the room. Inside are 4 ticks. With them gone you can investigate the Pharros' Contraption to open a secret door behind you which holds a chest containing the Poisonbite Ring and Soul Of A Proud Knight x1. Return to the hallway and claim an Estus Flask Shard from the body to the right.

With all that out of the way venture back to the fog gate. Head up the ramp and into the doorway on the left. If you have followed the guide so far there will be 2 Hammer Ogres in the big room full of poison jars. Either kill them or run to the ladder to the right and continue on through the door to reach the upper level once again. Return to the Fog Door but before entering you may want to explore the room to the right which holds a couple more Ticks, a Hammer Ogre, and a trap chest. It probably isn't worth the trouble though, as the chest only holds Torch x1.

Boss: Covetous Demon

Quick Tip: In the boss room, look above for Urns hanging from the ceiling. They contain Undead, which when shot down, will cause Covetous to lunge at them. This distracts him for a good amount of time to give you free hits.

Shortly after the boss you'll find your first Bonfire of the area and Lucatiel of Mirrah leaning against the wall. Upon speaking to her she will give you Ring of Steel Protection +1. Continue on and go up the stairs to the left. Two Blade Assassins lie in wait. At the back of this room is a Steelworker Undead behind the hanging pot of poison. Careful as it can break. In the corner is a corpse holding Radiant Lifegem x1. Through the door is a narrow walkway with a Spear Knight at the end. Watch out to your right as there are archers that shoot poison arrows at you. Try to take them out from range without agro'ing the Knight. The battle with him is tough on the walkway so lead him back to the room you came from. He keeps his shield up 90% of the time so use guard break to stun him then lay into him. Move across the now clear path and through the doorway.

The first door on the right leads to the walkway where the archers were standing. There is an item across the broken pathway, but don't try the jump. We will be reaching it another way much later. Instead, go back out and through the door past the hanging poison pot. To the right is a lever which raises the pot to the ceiling (significance ??). Down the stairs immediately to your right lies a Blade Assassin in wait. Head forward and to the right and follow the ledge down to reach a chest containing a Pike. Head back upstairs and run forward to the ladder on the far side. Climb up and turn around to face a Blade Assassin. There a a small ledge off the left side of wall leading up to the WINDMILL BLADES. Use your torch to light the windmill on fire as this will remove the poison water from the boss fight area!!! This is the one and only way to do this! Once that is done move up the small stairs and go through the fog door to find a Bonfire.

Draining the poison in earthen's peak (00:00) and laddersmith Gilligan location (01:27)

Head back out and up the stairs to the left. Upstairs there's a corpse with Black Firebomb x3 take it then go out the door. (This door may be close if you let the last assassin run up the stairs. In that case, keep going up, jump down the stopped fan at the 2 sorceresses and go right to open the gate) A Blade Assassin is to your left. Keep going right. Before the archway you will see a corpse hanging over the edge to your left. Break the fence here and collect Simpleton's Spice x1. Turn and follow along on the outside of the ledge to reach the NPC Laddersmith Gilligan. Speak to him and he will offer to build you a ladder leading down for 2000 souls. After the cutscene talk to him to learn the "Prostration" Gesture. Exhaust his dialogue to move him in front of the well in Majula. Go down the ladder he provided and follow the ledge to a corpse with a Pharros' Lockstone x1 and Twinkling Titanite x1 go back up the ladder and follow the ledge back to the area you came from.

Back at the balcony go through the archway and you will notice the lever on the wall, this activates the lift ahead. However don't pull it yet. Continue on and you will reach the lift. Climb the small ladder leading to the platform to the left. there are Poison Jars on a slightly higher ledge and behind them are a few enemies. You can't reach this from here but you can get some ranged hits on the enemies if you want. Down the hallway is a Spear Knight, kill him then take the first door to the right in the hall. Down the stairs is the NPC Mild Mannered Pate ( If you interacted with him fully in Forest of the Giants). The door in this area doesn't open from this side so talk to him then head back upstairs. Continue right and up the small stairs. There's a path to your right, but ignore it for now and go left up the large stairs and battle a Spear Knight as well as two Fire Mages. Fire Mages sometimes drops Dragon Charm. There is a trapped CHEST to the left which contains a Pharros' Lockstone. An archer also awaits farther in the room. After clearing them out head back downstairs and go right into the hallway we skipped before. Take out the Fire Mage across from you with ranged attacks if you want. On the opposite side you can see a corpse which holds a Radiant Lifegem x1 and a chest containing Soul Of A Brave Warrior x1 and Crimson Water x1 farther back. You can make the jump, but its a close one. Aim for the section of broken floor on the left. The floor below the fire mage may also collapse. Returning to the other side, break the fence and drop down to the platform below. On this platform is the locked door leading to Pate's area but before opening it turn around. You can see the corpse below. That is the broken archers walkway from earlier on. From here you can make the jump but first head into the small opening in the wall and turn right to find a chest ahead containing Great Heavy Soul Arrow. After looting the chest return to Pate's door and open it. Walk inside, speak to Pate and fully exhaust his dialogue to receive his armor set? ( To obtain His armor set you must have summoned him and had him survive the Last Giant boss fight in the Forest of Fallen Giants. He will give this to you as soon as you talk to him regardless if you complete the trap, however he offers more information about Creighton if you do complete the trial.). Now head back up the stairs and head left, returning to the lift.

Remember that lever on the wall of the archway ahead? Go and pull that now to start the lift. Run to it quickly as it will move without you. Follow it all the way up to an area with multiple poison jars. Behind them were the various enemies you had just cleared out before. There is a chest containing the Mirrah Shield here. By now you may have noticed the lift has descended. If so, jump back down. Pull the lever once again but this time run over the lift towards the small ladder and let the lift go up without you. Underneath the lift is a corpse holding Soul Of A Proud Knight x1 and Divine Blessing x1. Make sure you grab them and return to the ladder for safety before the lift returns! Climb up to the small platform once more and head back to Pate's room. Head out the now open door and make the jump down to the corpse's walkway below to collect the Poison Broadsword and Human Effigy x1. Homeward bone or Darksign back to a bonfire. Alternatively, you can make the jump to the nearby ledge. Its on your right facing away from the loot. After returning to the second bonfire. Head up the stairs to the left once more only this time we are taking the ladder in the area.

  • Also from the room where Mild Mannered Pate is, you can exit through the door that you opened when grabbing Soul arrow and go right. Drop down one level and you will find a chest in a hidden area in the wall with Lightning Spear

Head towards the ladder leading up but beware of the pressure plate on the floor. It will trigger an arrow trap. Past the ladder is a Blade Assassin, kill him and loot the corpse by the edge for a Manikin Mask. Head up the ladder and you will see a doorway on both left and right. Ignore the right as it will just lead you to a dead end with a hole leading back to the lift area. (This "dead end" can be used to reach the lift area if the door was closed by the assassin.) Instead, go to the door on the far left. There are three poison urns when you enter, break them from far away and approach the wall behind them and press A (xbox) X (ps3) O (asia ps3) to reveal a secret door. On the corpse ahead is a Spell Quartz Ring +1. Head back and up the stairs to face two Fire Mages. Shoot the poison urns next to them to kill them quickly. Ahead is a Spear Knight and Fire Mage on top of the platform to the right. Lure the Knight back and fight him separately then take care of the Mage. To your left are two more Spear Knights guarding a set of stairs which lead to the boss fog. Ignore them for now and go up the stairs in front of you. Up the stairs, to the right is an area with Poison Ticks amongst a bunch of Poison Jars. Brake the jars safely and lure the ticks one at a time to avoid poison. In this room is a corpse holding Small Smooth & Silky Stone x1. WARNING: The chest in this room is a Mimic so attack it, but don't open it. He drops Dark Gauntlets and a Work Hook. Also inside this room is a Pharro's Mechanism. Activating it causes it to spill out poison into a small pool in front of it. If you burned the windmill it becomes water that cures poison and gradually heals. Either way, not worth the lockstone. Exit the room and go up the stairs in front of you. At the top of the stairs is the Crescent Sickle Phantom so use caution and defeat him. Past him is a balcony with many poison jars. Head out and with your back to the jars, there are two illusory walls one to the right and one to the left of the archway. Press A (xbox) X (ps3) O (asia ps3) to open them. The one on the left contains a Bonfire. The one on the right contains a chest holding a Petrified Something! Head all the way back downstairs and confront the two Spear Knights guarding atop the set of stairs from earlier. To the left of the stairs is a corpse holding a Poison Stone x1. To the right of the stairs you can summon the npc Jester Thomas for the boss fight.

Really easy misable items locations in Earthen Peak

When you are ready approach the boss fog. To face Mytha, The Baneful Queen

Killing her nets you a nice sum of 20,000 Souls and her Boss Soul. Head forward up the stairs and into the lift to enter Iron Keep.

Mytha, The Baneful Queen Fight Tips:
She has a few different attacks and is very quick; reminiscent of Medusa with the whole, snake-body / woman-torso thing. One attack she sometimes opens with is spiting a fan of souls arrow type projectiles out of her head. When she is up close and personal she jabs and swipes at you with her massive lance. She will throw her head as well and will explode with soul-like residue wherever it lands. Her other attacks are tail whips and swipes
For you Mages this battle is a breeze. Stay far enough away to dodge he spear jabs and smash her with your spells. At range she seems to alternate between her spear and throwing her head / Soul arrow; all are easily dodged.
For strength builds the fight requires a little more caution but still is pretty manageable. Using the same tactic as above, bait her spear jab and side step it. This animation leaves her wide open for a few hits. Don't get greedy though, if you stay close to her for too long she will attempt a devastating grab attack. (The grab can be easily dodge by constantly strafing left or right and leaves her very vulnerable.) Give her a few slaps then retreat to safety. If she throws her head, move away from it and rush in and attack when she goes to retrieve it.
Many people have been encountering a glitch where the poison does not drain from the boss fight area. So far there has not been a patch to fix this glitch and its making this boss fight near impossible for many. If this happens, there is still one area where you can be free of the poison. Try standing at the far end of the room in front of the fog gate. THE STONES DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE FOG GATE WILL KEEP YOU SAFE FROM POISON. Hope this helps anyone unfortunate enough to experience this glitch.


(Work in progress!)

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