Gedenken an Jeigh

Memory of Jeigh is the only memory that is actually required to progress through the game. It has a boss, but pretty much is fairly simple.




This memory can be accessed via the black king door near the last giant boss fight, from the cardinal tower bonfire you have to go down the ladder, to the right, and across the bridge, then right again to the door that requires the soldiers key. Go through that door and to the left to find the black door.
Don't forget to equip King's Ring in order to open the door.
This memory is the shortest one due to a lack of enemies, but you will have to face a boss, who can give you some tough time at first. After you entered the area, go straight forward and get out to the wall. There are two Warrior Giants that fight Soldiers and a Giant Lord on the other side.
By the wall in the area where you spawn is a summon sign for Bernhart of Jugo which will appear if you Speak wIth him in the Memory of Orro

Be careful! The wall is constantly bombarded! Bombardment does a tons of damage, so you will have to learn to avoid it.
First safe spot is at the ledge right to the left, you will have to all the way to the corner where a body with Bonfire Ascetic is, or you will be hit. The easiest way to deal with two Warrior Giants is to wait for the scripted event when a head of the statue will start rolling (it will only start once you start moving forward). Most likely it will kill both giants, which gives you free pass to the Giant Lord. If it doesn't kill them, you might want to wait for bombs to do the trick. If bombs don't help as well, you will have to face them all alone.

Make sure that you do learn where the bombs land, otherwise you are most likely to get killed on your way across the wall.

Once you have killed both Warrior Giants head straight to the Giant Lord. There is also a ledge near the Giant Lord with a body that has Fire Seed on it.

Boss: Giant Lord

After you deal with the Giant Lord, go through the door behind him and down the stars. You will se a giant lying on a pile of bricks. Take Soul of a Giant and leave the area.
Be advised, if you freed Navlaan, he will invade as soon as you exit the memory.
Note: Burning a Bonfire Ascetic in the Place Unbeknownst bonfire will revive the Giant Lord and all items in the memory will re-appear, except the Soul of a Giant. This means that you can grab the Bonfire Ascetic in the area, kill the Giant Lord, grab the fire seed and divine blessing, then homeward bone/aged feather out. Then burn the ascetic you just grabbed and you can restart the process. This makes the Memory of Jeigh the quickest, most efficient soul farm in the game.


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