Der Eid Erben der Sonne befindet sich in diesem Gebiet.
Das Erntetal gehört zum Hoheitsgebiet ihrer Majestät, Königin Mytha.
Königin Mytha residiert in ihrem Schloss Irdenspitze, welches vom ganzen Erntetal aus zu sehen ist.
In den Mienen vom Erntetal wurde die größte Ader von Eisenerz entdeckt welche alles bisher überstieg. Doch gruben sie zu tief und zu gierig...
Sie schürften und Hackten.
Sie Buddelten und Gruben.
Bis... sie eines tages auf ein hoch giftiges Gas stießen welches das abbauen des Eisens unmöglich machte da jeder der sich dort zu lange aufhalten würde unweigerlich an Vergiftung sterben würde...
Doch wo war die Königin?
Wo war Königin Mytha?
Verfasser: Joe Doe.
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NPCs in the area

  1. Stone Trader Chloanne
  2. Gavlan
  3. Heirs of the Sun Covenant Altar


*Before The Mines Bonfire*

*From The Mines bonfire**



Harvest Valley is filled with poisonous areas and obstacles, so come prepared.
From the Skeleton Lords boss area in Huntsman's Copse lies a path leading to a raised bridge. Pull the lever on the right to lower the bridge and cross over into Harvest Valley. As you move along the rocky pathways you will soon encounter a pool of poison to your right blocking a cave which harbors the first Bonfire. Once the boss is defeated in Earthen Peak, the pool is drained. Cross quickly but don't roll as that covers your entire body in poison rather than only your legs. Outside the bonfire cave head up the hill and approach the NPC Stone Trader Chloanne . Exhaust her dialogue to move her to Majula.

Peering over the edge you can spot a rather large enemy standing in the middle of a poison lake. We will call him Dark Magic Giant due to his Launching of Dark Orbs and his rather large structure. Use this spot to defeat him using ranged attacks, as battling in the poison area is not recommended. After dispatching him, head down the path to your left. Upon reaching the edge of the pit, turn left and walk along the ledge to find a spawning skeleton and a corpse holding 1x Lifegem . Within the poison lake you can see multiple items. There are also a few more skeletons that spawn when traversing this area. Tank up on anti-poison items of your choice and loot the bodies below to receive Fading Soul x5 Titanite Shard x2 Poison Throwing Knife x10 Small Smooth & Silky Stone x2 and a Titanite Chunk x1. Head through the small archway in the middle of the lakes wall and kill the skeleton to your right. Circle around the left of the poison pit to loot a corpse holding a Fragrant Branch Of Yore and a Torch .

Enter the hole in the wall to find the NPC Gavlan ( If you talked to him previously in No Man's Warf ). Behind him is a chest containing Raw Stone x1. Exit the room and jump down into the poison filled area and quickly run into the small hole located towards the exit door above. Inside is a chest containing a Fire Seed x1 and a Divine Blessing x1. Go back outside and head up the stairs to the right. A corpse holding a Torch x1 is hanging over the edge. Two more Dark Magic Giants are ahead so try to take them one at a time. You will also find multiple Hollows around the area. After clearing the area head up the first ladder to your right to find a corpse with Hexing Urn x10. Back on ground level head to the ladder farthest away on the right and climb up. Pull the lever located at the end of the path to raise the wooden gate blocking the exit. Head through and turn right to reach the second Bonfire.

After this Bonfire you'll come upon a small quarry with several hole filled with poisonous gas. Along the left wall is a path leading up to a boarded off area (ignore the opening to the right for now.) As you approach the wall a Dark Magic Giant will burst through. Instead of killing him, get around him and bait him into destroying another wall. With the wall gone and the giant dead claim the treasure: Old Knight Pike, Old Knight Greatshield, Soul of a Lost Undead x1, Torch x1, Radiant Lifegem x1, and Smooth & Silky Stone x1. Near where the Giant was is a small ledge you can drop off of. Open the nearby chest for a Poison Stone and Rotten Pine Resin x3. The only way out is down into a gas filled tunnel with a Soul of a Nameless Soldier. At the end of the tunnel is a ladder leading back to the small quarry. Return to the path with the Giant and enter the area we ignored earlier. Once you are in the open 4 Sickle Giants will converge from the sides (a hollow may join in). You can kite them and use the raised pathways as a bottle neck. You can also escape the area by going up the ramp, to the right, and breaking through the third set of boards. Once all the enemies are cleared out break the rest of the boards and claim all the loot: Simpleton's Spice x1, Skeptic's Spice x1, Radiant Lifegem x1, Lifegem x5, Large Titanite Shard x1, Titanite Shard x1, Large Soul of a Brave Warrior x1, and Green Blossom x3. One of the boards hides 2 hollows. With loot in hand, head for the exit tunnel. At the next intersection go left to find a Crystal Lizard. Run in and dispatch it quickly, but do not follow if it falls into the hole. Dropping down will instantly kill you. Going the other way you will find yourself on a ledge overlooking the small quarry. Loot a Fragrant Branch of Yore from the body near the edge.

It is time to enter one of the holes mentioned earlier. Look for the one with a lootable body at the bottom and hop in. Grab the Fading Soul from it and run down the tunnel. Near the exit is a Simpleton's Spice. The tunnel leads to another gas filled pit with two more Dark Magic Giants. Run up the nearby ramp for a breather and dispatch the Giants with ranged attack if you desire. In the pit with the Giants are several lootable bodies holding: Large Titanite Shard x1, Titanite Shard x1, Soul of a Brave Warrior x1, Human Effigy x1 and the Chameleon sorcery.

Once back up the ramp continue up the path and confront the hammer wielding Steelworker Undead near the plank bridge. After he is gone cross the small wooded bridge, head up the stairs and down a path to the left under a windmill blade. Continuing on into a tunnel, Sickle Giant lies in ambush after the path turns to the right. Continuing forward, you'll come upon a broken statue drenched in sunlight. It is similar (exactly the same?) to the one in Dark Souls 1 and allows players to join the Heirs of the Sun covenant and learn the praise the sun gesture.

Returning to the bottom of the stairs near the bridge from earlier, you can take the path to the right which curves left and to a room full of poison urns. Take it slow: a Steelworker Undead will aggro as you approach, breaking some urns which spew poison. Just let him come to you. There's Steelworker Undead waiting for you inside the doorway on the left. Once in the room, you'll see a ladder which accesses a higher walkway in the same room. There's another Steelworker Undead on that level; to pull him, go back out to the bridge and straight up to the top of the stairs -- this is another entry to the same upper walkway. As you approach, the Steelworker Undead will aggro.

Once all the mobs are dealt with, head back into the room. From here, there are two entrances to Earthen Peak: one the ladder, and the other straight out the doorway. Take the lower route If you're eager to get the nearby Estus Flask Shard in Earthen Peak, and see Pharros' Contraption and Estus Flask Shard in Earthen Peak for details.

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Harvest Valley Walk-through w/ Boss


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