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NPCs in the area

  1. Ancient Dragon



  • 10 x Drakekeeper
  • 1 x Dragon Shrine Priest
  • 3 x Dragon Shrine Warrior
  • 1 x Dark Phantom Dragon Villard
  • 1 x Wooden Chest Mimic
  • Boss: Ancient Dragon (Optional)


At the start of this area you will face a drakekeeper with a sword. Block his sword attacks if you have a sheild and he will be easy to kill as he leaves a window after his attacks to land a hit with a weapon or a spell. Behind the drakekeeper is a pharos lockstone location which reveals an illusionary wall on the left. Inside is a metal chest with the Judgement Set (Mask of Judgment, Robe of Judgment, Manchettes of Judgment, Tights of Judgment, and Staff of Wisdom. Take a right just before the stairs and go through an arch to find a metal chest with Bonfire Ascetic x3.

Having looted it continue up the stairs and you will find a drakekeeper with a 2 handed mace. This fight is more difficult than the sword attacks as his flurry is relentless and he is only open to larger attacks after he swings his sword overhead and smashes it into the ground. If you use melee try to keep still and lure him into such an attack (Alternatively fight him from below on the stairs and most of his attacks will swing over you!). If you use ranged you can lure him back to the stairs you came up and safely snipe from there. Continuing through the arches to the left and up the set of stairs you will find another drakekeeper with a sword and past him up the tower is a dragon shrine priest. Next to the priest is a corpse with an item. Jump across from the tower to the next platform to find a metal chest with a Drakekeeper's Greataxe and Drakekeeper's Greatshield.

Drop down to the stairs below and head up to find two drakekeepers, one with a sword and shield and the other with a hammer. They can be separated using a bow or magic. After go by a ledge with some boxes a drop down to find to chests containing a titanite slab note the chest to the right is a mimic that drop washing pole and petrified dragon bone when killed. Proceed along and you will fight a Drakeeper with a great hammet and greatshield guarding a door. Going inside is a metal chest and a long staircase up. Do not freak out as there will be an invader upon opening the chest. The invader "Dragonfang" actually respawn upstairs at the shrine and will wait for you there to fight it out fair and square. Beware of his fast combo, they drain quite a bit of stamina if all combo connect. You can actually take the Petrified Egg here. This item is use to join the Dragon Covenant later after you give it to Magerold of Lanafir at Iron Keep. Now head to the edge at the right side to find another metal chest containing a shield "Watchdragon Parma" then continue dropping on the ledge below for another wooden chest containing Sorcery Spell "Crystal Magic Weapon" Dropping down again return to the same area as before.

Opening the wooden door and another wooden door will lead to a staircase up. Waiting to greet you will be two more Drakekeepers armed with greatswords this time. Fighting them together is hard but it possible to lure one by one and fight at the stair. For a safer method stand near the door as they will just block, go up and down the stair until you snipe them to dead. Dispose of them how you will and follow the straight away leading towards the keep of the shrine. Now be wary of the knights that resemble the Dark Souls classic Black Knights only now they are "Dragonfang Knight" , as they are faster if not meaner than they ever have been but they actually have low poise as they can easily be stun lock by heavy weapon even 2 hits from normal greatsword. Beware they have a shield smash skill just like us if you decide to block all their combo. Having dealt with them run up another fight with 2 Drakekeepers with greatshield and great hammer. Then again with another Dragonfang Knight. Short flight of stairs and you shall emerge onto a large open platform with the Ancient Dragon waiting for you. Talking to the ancient one will award you with the Ashen Mist Heart. Remember all of the strange tree-giant hybrids that are laying around in various places? Now you can finally interact with them.
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